Voting Open: Top-20 Yankee Moments, 1996-2014

Last week, ya’ll did an amazing job nominating 56 Yankee moments from 1996-2014. After I spent a few hours trying to rank all 56, The IIATMS staff narrowed the list down to a more manageable 20 moments. Now, it’s your turn again: we want you to rank the top-20 Yankee moments of that time period.

Here is a link to a Google Document. In it, you will find all 20 moments in reverse chronological order. All you have to do to vote is pick a ‘person’ column, and rank all the moments from 1 to 20, with 1 being the best. To check your work, the column must add up to 210.

Voting closes on Friday. Have at it!

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A-Rod issues an apology

Hot on the heels of Tony Bosch being sentenced to 48 months in prison, Alex Rodriguez released a handwritten apology to the fans instead of having another press conference at Yankee Stadium.

Here’s the note (the handwritten version is here):

To the Fans,

I take full responsibility for the mistakes that led to my suspension for the 2014 season. I regret that my actions made the situation worse than it needed to be. To Major League Baseball, the Yankees, the Steinbrenner family, the Players Association and you, the fans, I can only say I’m sorry.

I accept the fact that many of you will not believe my apology or anything that I say at this point. I understand why and that’s on me. It was gracious of the Yankees to offer me the use of Yankee Stadium for this apology but I decided the next time I am in Yankee Stadium, I should be in pinstripes doing my job.…

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25 years ago today

On February 17, 1990, the number one song in the country was “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul, the number one movie was Hard To Kill starring Steven Seagal and the New York Yankees signed some guy named Mariano Rivera from Panama as an amateur free agent.

I guess you can say that signing turned out to be a pretty good thing for the Yankees.

Some his career highlights:

  • 13-time AL All-Star (1997, 1999-2002, 2004-2006, 2008-2011 & 2013)
  • 3-time AL Saves Leader (1999, 2001 & 2004)
  • 30 Saves Seasons: 15 (1997-2001, 2003-2011 & 2013)
  • 40 Saves Seasons: 9 (1997, 1999, 2001, 2003-2005, 2009, 2011 & 2013)
  • 50 Saves Seasons: 2 (2001 & 2004)
  • Won five World Series (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2009)
  • Saved at least 25 games in 15 consecutive seasons
  • Posted an ERA under 2.00 in 11 seasons

His awards:

  • 6-time AL Reliever of the Year Award Winner (1997, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005 & 2009)
  • 5-time AL Rolaids Relief Award Winner: (1999, 2001, 2004, 2005 & 2009)
  • 1999 World Series MVP
  • 2003 ALCS MVP
  • 2013 All-Star Game MVP
  • 2013 AL Comeback Player of the Year

Not to mention 652 career saves, a 2.21 ERA, and 1,173 strikeouts and 286 walks in 1,283.2 innings pitched.…

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Quick hit: Pictures of players on a field

Look you guys! It’s #TANAK getting out of his car!

It’s a bunch of guys on a field!

More from a field!

You know what this means? It means that we’re much closer to the real start of the baseball season. And I know, the experts are predicting another not-so-great year for the Yankees but right now, who cares! We get to see sun drenched pictures of guys doing unauthorized drills (because Spring Training doesn’t officially start for the Yankees until pitchers and catchers report on February 20) while a lot of us in the Northeast are buried under mounds of snow.…

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Quick hit: More numbers are being retired!

The Yankees have made it official. Andy Pettitte is not the only member of the core group getting his number retired this season.

Pettitte’s Day was already announced and will be held on August 23 but now we know that Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada and Willie Randolph will also be honored in 2015. Williams and Posada are having their numbers (51 and 20) retired while Randolph will be honored with a plaque in Monument Park.

Bernie Williams Day will be Sunday, May 24, Willie Randolph will be honored before Old Timers’ Day on Saturday, June 20th, and Jorge Posada will be honored the day before Pettitte on Saturday, August 22nd.

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Quick hit: Former Yankee Giambi announces retirement

Jason Giambi announced his retirement today after a 20-year major league career.

Giambi played for the A’s, Rockies, Indians and Yankees. He finished his career with a .277/.399/.516/.916 line, 440 home runs and 1,441 RBI. Giambi who played with the Yankees from 2002-2008 had some tumultuous moments in pinstripes which were because his involvement in the BALCO scandal a decade ago but he turned things around and left the Yankees on good terms.

He actually references that rough period in his statement saying, “I want to thank the fans for being a part of this incredible journey. I especially want to thank the fans that gave me a second chance to let me show you the human being you see today.”

You can read Giambi’s statement in full here.

When Giambi signed with the Yankees after the 2001 season, there were a lot of expectations to go along with the millions of dollars the Yankees were paying him and while things didn’t work out exactly as expected, Giambi still had a good Yankee career despite the bumps and bruises along the way.…

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Presidents’ Day Open Thread

Happy Presidents’ Day!

In case you hadn’t heard the news, Josh Pettitte, son of Andy, announced on Twitter that the Yankees will be honoring his dad on August 23rd. Pettitte’s number will be retired and he will receive a plaque in Monument Park. We’ve heard rumblings that Jorge Posada and Bernie Williams will be next so pretty soon, the Yankees will only have players with numbers higher than 50. Maybe they’ll start using fractions and/or decimals.

Not everyone had the same reaction to the Pettitte news. Ex-Yankee Chuck Knoblauch tweeted this gem after the news about Pettitte’s number retirement began to spread:


As you may recall, Knoblauch was named in the Mitchell Report and seems to be lashing out about how Pettitte’s admission of HGH usage has been swept under the rug while Knoblauch, who also admitted to using, is viewed as a pariah.…

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Issues With The Incumbents: Elbows, And Shoulders, And Knees, Oh My!

Beltran Over Wall Tampa

Look out, Carlos!!

I know I said nobody wanted or needed to read about all the injury risks with this year’s team again, but it wouldn’t be right to do a series of posts on the biggest issues with the returning players and not mention it.  As it stands right now, almost every returning key player comes with some kind of significant injury risk and that’s a storyline that is never going to go away this year, even if nobody suffers a major injury.

So let’s review the list quickly, shall we?  The rotation is rife with injury risks, specifically the unholy trinity of Masahiro Tanaka‘s elbow, Michael Pineda‘s shoulder, and CC Sabathia‘s knee.  Tanaka has been on a modified throwing program this offseason, not throwing as hard and as much as he used to before the season, and all reports on his conditioning and elbow have been positive.  Sabathia’s offseason program has been even more modified and watered down as he attempts to come back from knee surgery.  …

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 2/13/15

So I’m heading off to Germany again this Sunday for another fun week of work training.  That means I won’t be around for pitchers and catchers report day, which sucks, but hopefully I’ll be back in time for Moncada’s decision to sign with the Yankees (knock on wood).  Y’all will be left in the capable hands of Stacey and the rest of the crack IIATMS staff, and we’re hoping to roll out the final voting list for our Top Jeter-Era moments countdown next week.  I hope you all have a wonderful next week in your personal, professional, and Yankee-centric lives, and I would consider it an honor if you’d do me the pleasure of shooting me a Twitter follow while I’m gone.  Seeing those follower numbers go up would be a huge boost to my preciously fragile ego.  Now onto the links!

– On Tuesday, Derek Albin of Pinstripe Pundits reviewed the Yankees’ organizational depth at shortstop.  It’s still pretty thin at the top, but the crop of talented prospects in A-ball and below is growing.…

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