Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 7/24/15

Links.  Many, many links.

– On Monday, Chad Jennings of LoHud broke down Joe’s comments on the Ryan over Refsnyder decision.

– Greg Corcoran of Bronx Baseball Daily unveiled his updated top 50 Yankee prospects list after the draft.  I always like Greg’s rankings simply because he takes the time to rank 50 guys.

– Andrew Felper of BP Bronx analyzed Mark Teixeira’s tremendous improvement against 4-seamers this season and how it’s been the driving force behind his resurgence.

– On Wednesday, Jason Cohen of Pinstripe Alley touched on the things that might make Mike Leake the perfect type of trade deadline target for the Yankees.

– El duque of It Is High… examined the Yankees’ organizational depth to see where second half injuries could be the most impactful.

– On Thursday, David Schoenfield of ESPN’s Sweet Spot mused on the idea of the Yankees trading for Aroldis Chapman.  That would be awesome, but I can’t see them doing it.…

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New York Yankees Formula: Get Leads and Hold Them

Sometimes we try to make baseball as difficult as we can to analyze, but a simple method can work just as well. That has been the case this year for the New York Yankees, as they have done an insanely good job at getting out to early leads and holding onto late ones. Common sense says that’s a good formula for any baseball team, and it’s worked for the Yankees. They have won 12 of their past 16 games and have climbed to a season-high 12 games over .500.

The Yankees have been dominant in the first inning of ballgames this year. Their 86 first inning runs leads both Colorado and Detroit by 21 runs, who are both tied for second in MLB with 65 first inning runs. New York has hit .319/.383/.536/.919 as a team in the first inning. They have scored in 41 percent of their first innings this season as opposed to 26 percent last season.

This is not surprising when you look at the seasons Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and Brian McCann are having at the top of the lineup.…

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Mark Teixeira is the bat the Yankees have needed

Getty Images / Jim McIsaac

Getty Images / Jim McIsaac

I used to be down on Mark Teixeira. I felt bad for him because of the injuries, but at the same time, the injuries drove me crazy.

The Yankees paid a lot of money for him and he couldn’t stay healthy over the last several years. I wondered if Teixeira would actually be good again – or come close to what he did in New York in 2009. That year, he was great: 122 RBI, 39 HR, .292 BA, .948 OPS, and finished second in the MVP voting.

This year, my feelings for Teixeira have been different. I love all the extra base hits, but it actually looks like Teixeira is having fun. I see a lot of smiles out there and he genuinely looks like he is enjoying baseball. This hasn’t been the case for the last couple of years.

But even greater than my feelings – because, really, it doesn’t matter what I feel about him – is that New York needs this.…

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Quick analysis: A-Rod is getting better during the day

Courtesy of USA Today

Courtesy of USA Today

Way back on April 30, I wrote a post chronicling Alex Rodriguez‘s struggles during day games.

Well, he’s improving slightly.

For the purpose of that post, I filtered his at bats from 1:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. What’s funny is that I accidentally filtered it from 1:15-7 as I was starting to write this post, and the results were way worse than 1-7. So from 1:15-7 P.M. he’s batting .200/.294/.267/.561 but when I fixed it and made it 1-7 P.M. he’s batting .237/.363/.355/.718.

I also filtered the date range as 5/1 – 7/23 since I had already written about April. This works out to 21 games and includes 1:05, 1:35, 2:00 and 4:00 starts.

export (43)

During the day, A-Rod’s batting .259/.358/.397/.755 against righties in 58 at bats:
export (45)

And he’s .167/.375/.222/.597 against lefties in 18 at bats:
export (46)

And here he is running and “sliding” during the day. Hmmm, well, okay.

So, in conclusion, A-Rod’s still not doing that great during the daylight hours but he’s doing better than he was during the first month of the season.…

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Trade Deadline News And Notes: 7/24/15

Well it happened.  The trade deadline activity finally kicked into gear yesterday.  With a week to go now, things should really start to pick up now that the first moves have been made.

– The first notable trade was Scott Kazmir going to the Astros for a pair of low-level prospects.  I was a little surprised to see him go for that little in return considering the way he’s been pitching, but maybe leaving that start with an arm injury killed some of his value.  I would have liked him in the Yankee rotation.

– The other major move was Brewers third baseman Aramis Ramirez going back to Pittsburgh, where he started his career, to get a shot at chasing a ring before he retires.  He was never a target for the Yankees.

– As for the home team, they will reportedly “listen to offers” for Gary Sanchez, according to Buster Olney.  I’m not sure how many teams are going to be calling up and proactively asking for him so much as making him a required piece in a trade package for one of their players, but this isn’t a surprising stance considering the Major League catching depth in Big Mac and JRM.  …

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Game 94 Recap: Yankees 9 Orioles 3

A-Rod Slide vs BAL

Just like they teach in the Tom Emanski videos. Courtesy of the AP

There’s a big nit to pick from today’s game if you want to pick it.  But in all honesty, if you’re not tickled pink by the outcome of today’s game and smiling from ear to ear at where the Yankees stand right now, you’re the wrong kind of Yankee fan.

Might as well get the nitpick out of the way right up front.  Masahiro Tanaka gave up 3 home runs today.  All 3 were solo and they were the only runs the Orioles scored all game, but that is 5 homers allowed for Tanak in his last 2 starts and 11 in his last 6.  There have been a lot more hangers from him this season and hitters have been teeing off on them lately.

When he wasn’t throwing those bad pitches, Tanaka was a beast.  The Orioles only managed 2 more hits off him in 7.2 innings, he didn’t walk a batter, and he struck out 7.  …

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Game 94: Jimenez vs. #TANAK

Welcome to this afternoon’s game thread!

Here are the lineups:

Machado 3B
Paredes DH
Jones CF
Davis 1B
Reimold RF
Wieters C
Schoop 2B
Hardy SS
Lough LF

Jimenez P

Ellsbury CF
Gardner LF
A-Rod DH
Teixeira 1B
Beltran RF
Headley 3B
Gregorius SS
Murphy C
Drew 2B

Tanaka P

Enjoy the game!

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A few cool fun facts about the Yankees, Tex and A-Rod

So last night I was looking at the Yankees’ schedule because I didn’t even know where they were playing this weekend – it’s Minnesota and I know, I should know this stuff – and I noticed something pretty interesting. The Yankees have played in eight one-run games so far in July and they have won six of them. And their last last five games have all been one-run games with one loss in those five coming against Seattle on Saturday.

They’ve also played in four two-run games with one loss coming against the Red Sox on 7/11.

The one-run games:

  • A 3-2 victory against Tampa on 7/4
  • A 4-3 loss to the A’s on 7/7
  • A 5-4 win against the A’s on 7/8
  • A 4-3 win against the Mariners on 7/17
  • A 4-3 loss to the Mariners on 7/18
  • A 2-1 win against the Mariners on 7/19
  • A 3-2 win against the Orioles on Tuesday
  • Last night’s 4-3 win against the Orioles

What does this all mean?…

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Game 93 Recap: Yankees 4 Orioles 3

A-Rod HR vs BAL II

Wheelhouse. Courtesy of

Just keep winning series.  That’s the focus right now and the Yankees locked up their 5th straight with another 1-run win last night.  Ivan Nova looked pretty good in his latest start, the offense jumped out early thanks to some pop from the old guys in the 3-4 spots, and the bullpen held on late.  That’s 3 wins in a row, 5 in the last 6, and 8 in the last 10.

I’d say Nova’s early comeback results from TJS have been more than acceptable, and last night was another example of that.  He walked the first batter of the game, gave up a 2-run home run to Ryan Flaherty in the top of the 3rd as part of a 3-hit inning, and he walked the first 2 batters of the 5th.  Nova also got out of the 1st without allowing any runs, worked 1-2-3 innings in the 2nd, 4th, and 6th, and retired 3 in a row to hold Baltimore scoreless after the 2 5th-inning walks.  …

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