Group Chat: Hall of Fame Voting Discussion! (With Mock Votes to Argue About)

Scott:  The soon-to-be-voted 2015 Hall of Fame Ballot is out, and here’s the prevailing narrative: “Big Unit, Pedro, Smoltz headline Hall of Fame ballot.” Group argument chat time! Feel free to answer any of these questions, or to say anything else about this HOF voting season, about recent HOF voting, or about the voting process: Do you agree that those are the top three? Who else are the most deserving candidates? Who are the most-snubbed candidates? I’ll answer after giving a few of you the chance to start. [Postscript: At the end, I tally our votes, which show something interesting about the logjam of qualified candidates.]

Moshe:  My take is that Mike Mussina is incredibly underrated. I’m sure Imbroggles will get into the stats, but he was likely better than Glavine, who got in last year, and Smoltz, who will probably get in this year. My second thought is that there are somewhere between 15-18 deserving candidates on the ballot, yet the HOF somehow thought it would make sense to make it harder to get inducted.…

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Happy Birthday Dave Righetti – remembering the no-hitter

Twitter is a dead zone for Yankee news right now. The Yankees are looking at a Cuban right-hander. Chase Headley will not get more than three years from the Yankees. CC Sabathia needs to bounce back. Why have the Yankees been so quiet. The Yankees need to respond to the Red Sox. Blah, blah, blah. But it is Dave Righetti‘s 56th birthday and that reminded me of his no-hitter against Boston on Independence Day of 1983. I watched it on television and it is a great memory.

The 24-year-old Righetti was off to a hot start in 1983. He was 9-3 at the end of June and finished that month with a complete-game shutout of the Baltimore Orioles. Typical of Billy Martin managed teams, the crusty manager wasn’t babying the young pitcher who was primed for a full season after tossing 187+ innings in 1982.

The Red Sox were not a great team in 1983. Boston ended up winning 78 games and looked tired under an equally tired Ralph Houk.…

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Black Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 11/28/14

If you actually go out for Black Friday, you’re a dope.  If you go out for Black Friday on Thanksgiving night, you’re a certifiable lunatic and I’m absolutely judging you right now.  if you’re not out fighting the hordes and want to do something productive today like stare at a computer screen, here’s a mini-Palooza from a holiday-shortened week in Yankeeland.

– On Monday, SJK of NoMaas touched on the real problem with the big Red Sox signings- what they say about how far ahead of the Yanks Boston is when it comes to building and managing a big-budget roster.  They’re straight up leaving the Yankees in the dust.

– On Tuesday, William Juliano set the record straight on Joe DiMaggio’s outfield greatness in response to the NY Daily News article that called him overrated.

– On Wednesday, el duque of It Is High… twisted his mind into a pretzel trying to figure out Hal’s austerity plan.

– Mike Axisa of RAB pondered the possibility and look of a $500 million roster.

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Happy Thanksgiving From IIATMS

I’m a big Thanksgiving guy.  It’s my favorite holiday by far.  Any holiday built around the idea of eating and drinking as much as you can while you watch football all day is A-OK in my book, and I’ve been fasting since my birthday dinner on Tuesday night in preparation for today’s festivities.

Whatever everybody else’s plans are for today, I hope they involve family and friends along with the aforementioned food and drink.  Today is about that more than anything else, certainly more than baseball, so this post will be the only thing on the site today.  On behalf of the entire IIATMS staff, I’d like to wish everybody a safe and happy Thanksgiving today and thank you for your support in making this site what it is.  It’s a personal pleasure to be able to write and talk about the Yankees on a regular basis in this setting, and to have the opportunity to do that every day is something I’m truly thankful for.…

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Do The Yankees Really NEED Chase Headley? (UPDATED)

Headley vs TEX II

Courtesy of the AP

So here’s a confession.  I’m scared to death by what the Red Sox are doing right now.  Terrified by it.  It was only 13 months ago that they pulled off the 1-year rebuild to perfection and now they look like they’re fixing to do it again.  They’ve added the 2 best bats available on the FA market to deals that are more team-friendly than people are giving them credit for, they have a big time offer out to Jon Lester, they have a ton of trade assets to use in a variety of ways to add more top-tier starting pitching, and they have a pretty good lineup core still in place.  They’ve put themselves in prime position to pull off another worst-to-first in 2015.

In response to their signing of Pablo Sandoval, the hot stove chatter on Chase Headley has picked up big time.  He’s regarded as the next best third baseman on the market after Sandoval, and with Sandoval setting the bar and the Giants now needing a third baseman of their own, competition is expected to heat up for him quickly.  …

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Shawn Kelley Discusses The D-Rob Situation

Cool little story by Bryan Hoch over at Bombers Beat yesterday.  He got to talk to Shawn Kelley and asked him for his thoughts on David Robertson‘s contract situation.  Kelley tossed out the typical “gotta do what’s best for you” line that anchors any venture into free agency, but did offer up a preceding statement that should be encouraging to everybody in favor of the Yanks retaining D-Rob:

“I know he loves New York, I know he’s close with Mariano (Rivera) and wants to kind of follow in Mariano’s footsteps.  I’m sure there’s a big part of him that probably wants to stay in New York, but he’s got to do what’s best and see what’s out there.”

I get wanting to see what’s out there.  Every free agent should look to get himself the biggest deal possible.  That’s the beauty of free agency in an uncapped sport.  But there’s a lot to be said for playing in New York and loving playing in New York, and the personal connection D-Rob has to the Yankees and Mo is something that no other team is going to be able to replicate.  …

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Report: Yankees Have Made “A Series Of Trade Offers” For Shortstops

At face value, this doesn’t register on the “big news” needle.  The Yankees need a shortstop and everybody knows they’ve been actively pursuing multiple avenues to finding one.  But the way this particular nugget was written, hidden deep inside Joel Sherman’s article about the Yanks not being influenced by Boston’s recent moves, makes it newsworthy:

“Also, I sense talking to Yankees people they are more galvanized to find a shortstop than a third baseman, and have made a series of trade offers to teams for shortstops. The Yankees could play Martin Prado at third and use either Jose Pirela or Rob Refsnyder at second.”

You see what I mean?  What does “a series of trade offers” mean?  What kind of timeframe has that series of offers taken place in?  The last few days?  The last week??  Last we knew, it sounded like the talks for guys like Elvis Andrus and Alexei Ramirez had stalled, and I don’t think I’ve read anything yet about New York making an offer for Tulo.  …

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A-Rod’s Prospects After Steroids, Injury, Time Off, and 40: An Interview with an Expert Athletic Trainer and Champion Bodybuilder

Dos Equis commercials peddle their fictional man-of-many-feats as the “most interesting man in the world,” but my old friend Stu Yellin can give that old beer drinker a run for his money. I met Stu when we were 5; we spent much of the next decade getting each other in trouble in school, usually when one of us tried to make the other laugh in class by drawing pictures like Spider-Man beating up the teacher (an actual example of a drawing Stu showed me in 12th grade). My art skills never grew past middling (though I did just draw a decent Groot for my kids), but Stu became a major TV cartoonist, drawing the Colbert- and Carrell-voiced “Ace + Gary, The Ambiguously Gay Duo” for SNL, The Tick, and Lizzie McGuire. He then became an art teacher — before becoming a pro bodybuilder too. He got a very late start, competing only as of his early/mid-30s, yet won Pro Cards in various drug-tested federations (most notably the WNBF, the strictest one on substance abuse), and won first place as a middleweight in several “natural bodybuilding” competitions with tough drug testing.…

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Quick Hit: Yankees Sign MiL Utility Man Jonathan Galvez


Courtesy of MiLB,com

Props to Mike Axisa for noticing this before anybody else did.  In addition to their Rule 5 protection moves last Thursday, the Yankees also signed 23-year-old utility player Jonathan Galvez to a Minor League contract.  Galvez, formerly of the Padre organization, has never played in a Major League game.  He spent the last 2 seasons in Triple-A and he hit .280/.354/.449 with 10 HR, 55 R, and 52 RBI in 103 games (389 PA) this past season.

Because the deal is a MiL one, Galvez did not have to be added to the 40-man roster, although it’s a safe bet that he received an invitation to Spring Training.  The Yankees are in dire need of help at multiple infield positions and Galvez could sneak up and steal a bench job with a strong ST.  He started his career off as a second baseman/shortstop, but he’s played more third base and corner outfield recently.

There’s a lot of Yangervis Solarte in this situation.  …

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