Yankees rock Orioles 13-3 as Grandy, Jeter go yard; AL East lead back to 1

  • Freddy was steady…ish; the bullpen was ready. Freddy looked like he would give back the 5-0 Yankee lead in the bottom of the 4th inning, giving up a two-run double to Wilson Betemit (yes), and an RBI single to Matt Weiters–and that was that, Girardi promptly replaced him with Joba Chamberlain, who struck out Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis to end the threat. The ‘pen locked down the O’s after that, with Joba (who got the win) giving way to Boone Logan in the 6th, who gave way to Corey Wade in the 7th, who gave the ball to Derek Lowe in the 9th. It was a fantastic job all-around for the pen–and Robertson and Soriano didn’t even get in the game.
  • Joe Girardi had been looking for something that would wake up his team, and he may have found that tonight–though I’m not exactly sure what it is. Girardi is a bit like a doctor who can’t figure out what’s wrong with his patient: but instead of slowly trying one medicine at a time (or even really trying to find out what the disease is), he threw all the medicine in the store at the patient.
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Game Thread: Sunday, September 9, 2012, Yankees at Orioles

Not only are the Yankees playing badly, but they’re also playing unlucky. Obviously everyone is furious over last night’s blown call, but the smartest thing for fans and team alike is to move on quickly. (Adding injury to the insult: Mark Teixeira re-injured his calf on the play and will miss today’s...

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The Farm Report: 9/8/12 – Empire State’s season ends

The game quieted down quite a bit after the second, with neither team getting more than one base runner on at a time. Corban Joseph hit a solo shot to center in the fourth, but that was all the Yankees could manage, despite the bullpen putting together a solid 7.1 innings of relief work.  In the end, Pawtucket took the 7-1 victory, winning the series three games to one and earning a date with the Charlotte Knights in the Championship round of the Governor’s Cup.

Bronx Cheers:
Vidal Nuno: Nuno lasted just 1.2 innings and gave up seven runs on seven hits, a walk and a strike out.

The Offense: The Yankees only managed two hits against their old teammate, Nelson Figueroa, who went eight strong innings. Kevin Russo, Ronnier Mustelier and Luke Murton each went 0-4.

Curtain Calls:
Kelvin Perez: After Nuno was pulled with two outs in the second, Perez threw a strong 3.1 innings for the Yankees. He gave up two hits and struck out four.…

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Is C.C. hurt?

For what it’s worth, everyone insists that Sabathia is healthy, including the big man himself. Sabathia even dismissed the theory that two trips to the disabled list this season might have left him with some rust that is affecting his command, responding with merely a terse “no” when the question was posed to him Friday afternoon. Of course, he went on to say that he was just not making his pitches when he needed to, which sort of sounded a lot like saying his command was off, something that’s plagued Sabathia literally since Opening Day this year.

The question was a hot topic for a while last night, and the best answer on the subject likely came from TYA’s Mike Eder, who analyzed the Pitch F/X data and concluded that Sabathia might be trying to overthrow the ball, a sentiment that was shared by Russell Martin after the game. That’s as good a theory as any because, really, I think we’re probably overstating Sabathia’s struggles right now.…

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That it was the Yankees on the bad call is not the point

- If Teixeira had run through the bag instead of diving, he would have been called safe. Okay, first of all, Teixeira blew out his calf again on the play. There was no way he was going to make it running. He did the only thing a competitive player had left. He dove. It was a historic effort from the player and one that will cost him more time out of the lineup. But the major point behind this stupid argument is that if the way a player approaches first base throws off an umpire’s call, then replay should back it up if he is not trained to get it right. It was highly besides the point whether a physics study had proven that running through the base is faster than diving to get there. The point is that however a player gets there, the umpire should get the call correctly. If he cannot, then let’s look at a replay to get it right.…

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How can Joel Sherman stay on the Yankee beat after last night?

Yankee fans were stewing after last night’s game-ending blown call at first base by Jerry Meals, and apparently the Yankee manager shared that sentiment. In case you missed it, you can watch video of the Yankee post game interview with the manager here, and get the reports of what transpired afterward in the manager’s...

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