2012 Statistical Trends: Curtis Granderson’s Strikeouts

An all too common occurrence. Courtesy of Ron Antonelli/Daily News

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It’s been a bit of a roller coaster experience for Curtis Granderson since joining the Yankees...

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My (hypothetical) Hall of Fame ballot

I guess I’ve put my contractual obligation to pretend I have a Hall of Fame vote and tell you who would make up my ballot about as long as I can, huh? Honestly, I don’t even have very much energy for arguing this topic anymore, so instead of deep examinations of each candidate, I’m just going to share some quick thoughts about the players who, in my opinion, are worthy of enshrinement. Besides, since none of these guys are going to make it anyway, we’ll have at least another year to scream at each other about their merits.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens: Given my none-too-secret feelings about juicers, I don’t think these two really need any explanation. A couple of inner-circle greats who should probably be required selections for any voter who wants to retain the privilege, and yet neither of them are likely to reach 60%. A heck of a way to start this off!

Jeff Bagwell and Mike Piazza: Not on the same level as Bonds and Clemens, but the same basic problem.…

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Michael Morse: The Perfect Right-Handed Bat For Yankee Stadium

Much has been made of the Nationals and Michael Morse over the last couple of months. After a career flush with injuries, a 30 year old Morse was fresh off a breakout 2011 season this Spring Training, but this time it was his back muscles that kept the outfielder on the disabled list into...

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Heyman: Soriano never approached Yankees

Some reports over the last week have had it that Scott Boras recently approached the Yankees about re-signing Rafael Soriano to a one year deal, as their interim closer has found the free agent market rather lacking after declining a qualifying offer from the Bombers. The Yankees supposedly turned him down flat, preferring to earn a compensation pick and additional draft pool money to adding Soriano to an already well stocked bullpen, but Jon Heyman now says none of that ever happened, and that Soriano wants to be a closer this coming season:

The usual caveats about Soriano being a Boras client obviously apply here, but there you have it.

Elsewhere, ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand says that the Yankees haven’t actually shut the door on a Soriano return entirely, and that there is (at least theoretically) a point at which Soriano could bring his demands low enough that the Yankees would be willing to welcome him back.…

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Yankees surprised by A-Rod’s blabbing doc

We got an unusually detailed account of an ongoing injury situation when Dr. Bryan Kelly, who will be performing surgery on Alex Rodriguez‘s injured hip a week from today, spoke to Joel Sherman of the New York Post and expounded upon the nature of the injury and A-Rod’s chances at a successful rehabilitation. Authorization for that story did not come from the Yankees, however, according to a report from Christian Red in the Daily News. “Kelly was clearly lured in by Alex, who told (Kelly) to talk,” claimed the source for the story. That language is a bit odd, but the rest of the article doesn’t really carry any serious implication that the Yankees are upset about Kelly’s comments like they were when Mariano Rivera‘s rehab doctor prematurely speculated about Mo being able to return for the postseason over the summer.

The Daily News report also attempts to push back at Kelly’s claims that the injury had nothing to do with past steroid use by Alex.…

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A-Rod’s surgery date revealed

The Yankees have just announced that Alex Rodriguez‘s hip surgery will be on January 16.

In case you missed it this morning, Joel Sherman of the New York Post spoke with the doctor – Dr. Bryan Kelly – who examined A-Rod’s hip and it was a very enlightening article. It’s kind of amazing that Alex was able to walk, let alone attempt to play baseball while suffering through this injury.

And here’s a link to my colleague Brien’s piece from earlier today which explains in greater detail the extent of Alex’s injury.

Alex will more than likely be out until after the All-Star break in July so maybe this means he will just be getting into the swing of things (awful pun intended) down the stretch.

We can dream, can’t we?

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Countdown to Spring Training: 35

Today’s post is brought you by the number 35 and the letter M.

A lot of men wore #35 for the Yankees. Ralph Houk is the man with the most years as #35. He wore it from 1958-1965 and then from 1966-1973. Guys like John Wetteland,...

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Nats shopping Morse after re-signing LaRoche

After weeks of piddling around on the free agent market, Adam LaRoche finally accepted the fact that no one wanted to meet his asking price after he turned down a qualifying offer and re-signed with the Washington Nationals. Between that and trading for Denard Span, that leaves Michael Morse on the outside of their starting lineup and available in potential trades. Mark Zuckerman of Comcast Sports tweets that Morse is “very much” available, and that the Nationals would seek a left-handed reliever and/or starting pitching depth in return.

Morse honestly isn’t much of an outfielder, but as a power-hitting righty who has hit southpaws to the tune of a career line of .303/.357/.503, he carries a big enough stick to be a perfect fit for the Yankees right now. Picking him up for a package built around Boone Logan or Clay Rapada would be something of a dream, but starting pitching depth isn’t necessarily something the Yankees have to offer right now, and you can rest assured that they will not be the only team interested in acquiring Morse’s services.…

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Hairston likely to make decision soon, Yankees “pessimistic”

Though they’ve acquired both Matt Diaz and Russ Canzler in recent weeks, the Yankees’ search for a right-handed hitting outfielder marches on. The top spot on their wish list remains former Met Scott Hairston, and via ESPN New York, it appears that a decision on where he will be signing could be coming from Hairston this week. According to Wallace Matthews, Hairston’s agent, Casey Close, said the outfielder is likely to make a decision in a “matter of days.”

Hairston is pretty much a straight platoon hitter with a career .825 OPS against lefties, but he does bring a bit of versatility in the outfield to the table, anyway. He had a career year for the Mets in 2012 and attempted to parlay that into a multi-year contract this winter, but given how long he’s lingered on the market I assume he hasn’t found anyone willing to make that sort of commitment to him, and may well find himself taking the best one year offer he can get.…

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