Game 137: Orioles, or OriLOLes?

New York Yankees Baltimore Orioles
Derek Jeter, SS Nick Markakis, RF
Nick Swisher, 1B J.J. Hardy, SS
Robinson Cano, 2B Nate McLouth, LF
Alex Rodriguez, DH Adam Jones, CF
Eric Chavez, 3B Matt Wieters, C
Curtis Granderson, CF Mark Reynolds, 1B
Russell Martin, C Chris Davis, DH
Raul Ibanez, LF Manny Machado, 3B
Ichiro Suzuki, RF Robert Andino, 2B
David Phelps, SP Jason Hammel, SP

The first pitch is scheduled for 7:05...

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Ain’t No Party Like a Link Drop Party – September the 6th


From “the” Bronx

Courtesy of fearless leader Michael Eder (this rhymes in my head and heart), likely to be punned into ‘Michael the Elder’ when he has children, NBC Sports Network’s Caught Looking will showcase the most recent series between the Yankees and Orioles at 9 pm … tonight. Interesting timing aside,...

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The Yankees Need To Get Younger, Right Now

I haven’t written about this in a long time, but the theme going around the internet right now is, “The Yankees need to get younger.”  I don’t think we’ve done a particularly good job articulating why this is the case. The Yankees are a team that is capable of buying the best free agents, and...

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Russell Martin and BABIP

Upon reflection, my answer of bad luck was rightly called out by “roadrider” and yes, to say it is all bad luck would be a huge overstatement. But his  assertion that bad contact is a big factor in Martin’s BABIP might be too simplistic as well.  His point is well taken. A line drive in the batted ball statistics might be a screamer and it might be an broken-bat humpback thing that lands in an infielder’s glove. What we don’t yet have is the PITCHf/x equivalent on batted balls. How fast did they come off the bat?  We don’t know. And since we don’t know, all we can do is look at that .213 BABIP and have less-than-concrete discussions of why it is so low.

There are many reasons that go into how a ball is batted and what happens to it once it is put in play. There is pitch location and selection as the pitcher and catcher try their darndest to keep the ball off the sweet spot of the bat.…

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Russell Martin Can Still Be Saved

How can you keep rooting for a guy that’s hitting just .202?

I’m not sure where to submit this amendment to the baseball community, but I’d like for people to start throwing around a new term. When any players hits a hard line drive right at a fielder, I think the best term to use is...

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Girardi keeps cool amidst slide

Now obviously I’m not a fan of small ball or having base runners moving just for the heck of it, but my appreciation for Girardi’s comments here go far beyond my relief that Robinson Cano isn’t going to be laying one down to advance the runners anytime soon. More importantly, it’s good to see that the manager of the team isn’t letting the fact that his team has gone from leading their division by 10 games to leading by just one, with a one-day tie in between, radically affect the way the team is going to approach the game over the last month of the season. I’m not a big believer in the power of intangibles by any means, but I think it’s just a universal truth that people need to go to work in a productive, relatively calm environment to be at their most productivity, and having your boss dramatically change the way you’re doing business, especially when you just aren’t built for the new approach, is a recipe for disaster.…

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