Game Thread: Tigers at Yankees, Game 2 of the 2012 ALCS

No matter how the 2012 season ends for the New York Yankees, this will also stand out as the season when the newest crop of Yankee legends began to fade away, as all great athletes must eventually. This will be the season that saw Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter both fall...

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ALCS Game Two preview/lineups

Mental toughness:

I’m usually the last person to put a lot of stock in psychological mumbo-jumbo when it comes to explaining baseball outcomes, but you’d have to be a parody of a spreadsheet loving stats-geek to think there will be no effect on the Yankees after the way last night ended. Losing after the big ninth inning comeback would have been bad enough, but to lose Derek Jeter on top of it, well, at some point you really do start to feel like the baseball gods are just screwing with your emotions, especially after the way the whole season has gone. The Yankees have to find a way to not let them bother them, but they’ll also need someone who hasn’t been hitting to step up and fill the void in production Jeter leaves, and then some.

Be a Hiro:

Hiroki Kuroda has never pitched a game on short res in his MLB career, but today he will. He has to find a way to get outs.…

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Loss of Jeter emotionally devastating, but not decisive on the field

Tough break

As Yankee fans rub the sand out of their eyes this morning, many must be wondering if last night was a crazy dream. Did the moribund Yankee offense actually score 4 runs in an inning, much less the 9th? Did Raul Ibanez...

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Picking up the pieces from Game One

1. It’s hard to put into words just how much losing Jeter hurts the Yankees. Not only is it a huge psychological and emotional blow to see the face of your franchise, a guy who doggedly plays through pain like Jete has been doing for a month, literally carried off of the field like that, but Jeter was one of their best hitters at the moment to boot! I think Jayson Nix will fill in about as adequately as he could defensively, but he’s not much with the bat against right-handed pitchers, and that’s all he’s going to see i this series. And while Ichiro had another good performance last night, he’s not going to be able to carry the weight at the top of the lineup all by himself without some people who aren’t doing anything finally getting their act together.

2. Speaking of the offense, they’ve really now reached a level of embarrassment at which the baseball gods are toying with them, allowing them a scoring outburst only as a result of an impromptu game of “Who’s More Awful?” with Jose Valverde.…

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Yanks Lose The Game And Jeter For The Season

What can you say about tonight?

It was a roller coaster of emotions. Some extreme highs and extreme lows.

The lowest of the low occurred after the game ended when the announcement was made that Derek Jeter fractured his ankle and is done for the season. But we all know something was seriously...

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Comeback ends in disaster as Yankees lose Game One 6-4

Unfortunately everything went right back to pot after that. The Yankees’ offense couldn’t do any damage to any pitcher other than Valverde, and Rafael Soriano and David Robertson both pitched just one inning a piece. David Phelps came on in the ninth and, “aided” by a horrendous play on which Nick Swisher just failed to catch a liner in right field, would give up two runs to push the Tigers back to the 6-4 lead they would finally nail down in the bottom of the inning. Oh, and Derek Jeter got hurt.

Some brief notes from the game:

  • Andy Pettitte kept the Yankees’ sreak of good postseason pitching going, giving up just two runs over 6.2 innings. He only really struggled int he sixth inning, and a fluky triple by Austin Jackson in which the ball got stuck in the nook where the ball boy sits down the right field line to lead off the frame certainly didn’t help. The Yankees did keep Jackson from scoring on  fly ball by Omar Infante and intentionally walked Miguel Cabrera to set up the double play, but Prince Fielder laced a single back up the middle, and then Delmon Young dropped in an RBI single on Swisher’s first defensive blunder of the game.
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