I demand All-Stars for my bench!

So given a rather agitated state upon waking today, I did what I always do in these situations: hit up the rags for a good laugh or seven. And when you’re pining for Ramiro Pena, you are most definitely not letting me down. And yes, I mean that quite literally:

But Girardi has made it clear the Yankees consider Nuñez a shortstop, and a shortstop only, and made it even clearer on Saturday they don’t consider him a very good one.

That means no more days off for Jeter or Cano the rest of the way. No DH days. No opportunities for a breather between now and the start of the postseason a week from yesterday.

Suddenly, Ramiro Peña — smiling, pleasant, harmless little El Niño — seems like a guy the Yankees would really like to have around these days.

There are four games left in the season and the Yankees are in a dead even tie for first place: Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano had darn well better be playing everyday!…

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Every scrape needs a scapegoat

The injury to Mark Teixeira seriously weakened the Yankees’ attack against left-handed pitching. Guys like Andruw Jones needed to step up. Not only has not done so, he’s fallen into an open manhole cover. He has four hits in September. Four! In 29 at bats.  That gives him a tidy little batting average of .137 for September. And that followed an August where he had only six hits in 37 at bats. That meant a .162 batting average for August and a lovely 10-66 over the two month span to give him a .151 batting average down the stretch. Only two of those hits were homers, one in August, one in September.

And it goes further back than that. Before yesterday’s two strikeouts in two at bats performance, his second half triple slash line looked like this: .146/.262/.262. Just typing that made the coffee curdle a little in the mouth this morning. How is a guy with that kind of prolonged ineptitude not DFAed?…

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Impotent Yankees lose to Jays 3-2; AL East lead in jeopardy

The Yankees were absolutely atrocious when they needed to be adequate; they choked when all they had to do was trip over themselves to score. They have no one to blame for this loss but themselves (and yes, I’m going to go into a whole tangent about the umpiring in a second). Everything boils down to this: the Yankees had the bases loaded twice with no outs. They scored two runs in both of those circumstances combined, on two sacrifice flies in the first inning. That kind of production will not get the job done.

They loaded the bases in the first inning, and came away with a two-run lead. They would not score again. Their 2-for-11 with runners in scoring position looks even worse when you consider that both hits were by Nick Swisher–and he didn’t get an RBI. So even when the Yankees got the RISP hits, they couldn’t score.

It looks even worse when you realize that Ricky Romero was terrible.…

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Yanks Suffer An Embarrassing Loss To The Lowly Jays

What is the one thing the Yankees cannot afford to do during this last weekend of the season? They cannot lose to bad teams and more specifically bad pitchers like Ricky Romero.

So what did they do this afternoon? Exactly that.

The Yankees started off strong with two runs in the first inning...

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Game 158: The Last Saturday Of the Regular Season

Happy Saturday! Weekend day games have a way of sneaking on you, don’t they?

Here are the lineups:

Derek Jeter DH
Ichiro Suzuki LF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher 1B
Curtis Granderson CF
Andruw Jones RF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Chris Stewart C

LHP Andy Pettitte (5-3, 2.71)

Blue Jays
Brett Lawrie 3B

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