Has Arod Changed His Swing Away From Power?

Alex Rodriguez is not having a bad season. He’s put up a 134 wRC+, good for 4th best among American League third basemen. He’s gotten there mostly by getting on base, hitting .292/.391/.431 on the season. He has just 5 home runs and 3 doubles. He’s improved significantly on his batting line over 2010-2011.

He turns...

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Is Granderson that bad a center fielder?

According to Fangraphs, currently, Curtis Granderson is the worst fielding center fielder in baseball with a UZR of -9.7. Baseball-reference.com pretty much agrees and assigns him a -6 runs lost in fielding thus far. Baseball Prospectus has him at -2.7 thus far but rated him in the “horrendous” category last year. In fact, Fangraphs rates only Angel Pagan worse than Curtis Granderson if you combine last year with this one. What gives here? Is Granderson that bad?

A loss of range seems to be behind a lot of the B-R evaluation. That site says that Curtis Granderson’s range in center field was 2.81 as recently as 2008 and was above 3.00 in years previous to that. This year, Granderson’s range is rated at 2.16 or below league average. Has he lost that much of a step as a player? But then you get a play like this. Granderson’s stolen base totals are down and he only has one triple. So maybe his wheels aren’t what they once were.…

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The New And Improved Cory Wade

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

There wasn’t much hype when the Yankees signed Cory Wade to a MiL deal last June.  He had already been let go by the Dodgers and Rays in less than a year and hadn’t pitched all that well the...

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Yankees need a lot from their ace

After a brief bump to begin this season, Sabathia is right back to business as usual in 2012. C.C. has pitched 7+ innings in each of his last five starts,and pitched eight innings in his last four starts. In that time period, he’s allowed 13 runs in 39.1 innings, with 38 strikeouts to five walks. In short, he’s been doing exactly what we expect him to do: pitch very well deep into ballgames. That’s been a huge boon to a Yankee team that has otherwise leaned heavily on its bullpen as its starting pitchers have struggled early in the season, and with Ivan Nova and David Robertson very possibly hitting the disabled list today, the Yankees are going to need more of it from Sabathia for the foreseeable future.

It’s weird, in a way, how little fanfare Sabathia generates outside of Yankeedom. Someone (Tamar, perhaps?) recently referred to him as the most underrated ace in baseball, and there might actually be something to that.…

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What’s wrong with Nova?

Things have taken a turn for a worse in his last four starts, however. In games against the Tigers, Rays, and twice against the Orioles, Nova has allowed a total of 18 runs in 24 innings. That translates to a 6.75 ERA, which isn’t going to get it done, even if the Yankees did ultimately win three of those four games. On the season, Nova has an ERA of 5.44 and an FIP of 4.94, though his xFIP is quite a bit more promising than that at 3.76.

As the much lower xFIP would suggest, Nova’s biggest problem this year has been the extreme rate at which he’s allowed the ball to leave the park. Nova’s HR/9 of 1.88 is the seventh worst mark among qualifying pitchers in American League, and his HR/FB rate is the sixth worst at 18.4%. Those numbers probably can’t stay that high, but Nova has been getting worse with the long ball of late, allowing a total of five deep flies in his last three starts.…

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