Previewing Yankees Vs. Orioles: First Of Two Quickies In Baltimore

This would normally be the point in the preview where I tell you something like “hey, they’re getting lucky. Here are some complicated, impenetrable numbers that I will tell you mean that they’re getting lucky, and you should just believe me when I say that because I’m a guy with a computer.” Here’s my usual progression in graphic form, courtesy of Graham MacAree and SBNation:

But I don’t feel like doing that song-and-dance today (and yes, this is because the 97-degree Spanish heat has fried my brain, thanks for asking).

Instead, here’s a list of things that the Orioles are doing correctly:

  1. Hitting the ball hard. Adam Jones, Matt Weiters, and Nolan Reimold all have wOBAs over .387. Yikes.
  2. Jason Hammel.
  3. Realizing that Mark Reynolds is pretty much just the worst, and finally platooning him.
  4. Not giving up home runs. Only one of their starters (Tommy Hunter) has a HR/FB rate higher than the ML average (around 12-14%–Jake Arrieta is at 14%).
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Back when it was just enter Mariano

"And then I'm going to be manager of the Yankees and you'll be closing out the World Series for me."

While Yankee fans have always appreciated Mariano Rivera– to say the least– the fan base may have also taken him...

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The elephant in the room

The last of those chances came in the bottom of the eighth, when the Seattle lead was still 4-1. The Yankees loaded the bases with two outs, and Robinson Cano drew the aforementioned walk to cut the lead to 4-2 and move the tying run into scoring position. Unfortunately, it was Mark Teixeira‘s number that came up on the lineup card, and I’m sure I won’t be alone in saying that, at that point, I expected absolutely nothing to come of the opportunity. Sure enough, Tex struck out swinging at a 1-2 slider in the dirt to end the threat, and a couple of insurance runs in the ninth all but sealed the deal for the M’s.

When the Yankees’ offense has struggled in the early going of this season, one of the main storylines has been the lack of production from the middle of the lineup. That has mostly become a non-issue these days, however, now that Cano is hitting and, though he still hasn’t found his power swing yet, Alex Rodriguez enters play Monday night sporting a .384 OBP and a .366 wOBA which, considering he’s been healthy, is perfectly acceptable production from Alex these days.…

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You guys again? Series Preview: Yanks v. Orioles 3

For the third time this year, and the second time in Baltimore, the Yankees and Orioles will hook up for a matchup. However, this one’s a quick two-gamer before the Yanks fly up to Canada to take on the Jays for two games before coming home to host the Reds over the weekend.

When we last...

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