Yankees claim Russ Canzler off waivers

And now for the most exciting news of the offseason, via Buster Olney:

Yankees have claimed 1B-DH Russ Canzler on waivers from the Cleveland Indians. A right-handed hitter, as they’ve been looking for.

Okay, Buster, I don’t honestly believe that Canzler is the right hander the Yankees have been looking for and neither do you.

So far this Winter, Canzler has given poor Eli Whiteside a run for his money in the “Who can be passed around the most before Spring Training?” contest having been claimed off waivers three times. First by the Blue Jays then the Indians and now the Yankees.

Canzler has a .270/.304/.396 line in 102 MLB plate appearances the past two seasons with Rays and Indians.

Brien: Like Stacey, I don’t really think that Canzler is the right-hander the Yankees have been looking for, which makes it even more interesting that they’re willing to potentially DFA someone in order to claim him. They have a full 40 man roster right now, and thanks to filling the roster with middle tier prospects they don’t have that many obviously disposable pieces there.…

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Counting the Days

Countdown: 39 days

Is it just me or does December seem like the slowest month of the year? Maybe it’s because it’s usually cold, dreary and dark. Or maybe it’s because we’re in that limbo period right smack in the middle between the two baseball...

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Francisco Cervelli is terribly gritty, but mostly terrible

You guys aren’t going to believe this, but someone is praising Francisco Cervelli for being gritty! That someone is Yankees’ Triple-A hitting coach Butch Wynegar, who told ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand that he’d like to have a team made up of 25 Cervellis. The piece is mostly about how Cervelli spent last season working hard and setting a good example for his teammates after being unexpectedly optioned to Triple-A after the Yankees traded for Chris Stewart at the end of Spring Training, but it just wouldn’t be an article about Cervelli without at least gobsmacking exaggeration of the guy’s ability. “There is no doubt he is a big league catcher,” Wynegar said. “My only thing is offensively.”

For the life of me, I have no idea how Cervelli got a reputation for being a defensive specialist, in large part because his offensive numbers (a .271/.339/.353 slash line and 88 wRC+ in 562 career plate appearances) actually aren’t that bad. Sure he doesn’t hit for power, but the average and ability to draw a walk give him a certain amount of usefulness, especially for a backup catcher.…

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No date set for A-Rod’s surgery

Sometime in the near future, Alex Rodriguez is going to have surgery on his left hip, but the exact date of that operation still has yet to be selected. Dan Martin of the Post reports that the surgery likely won’t happen until the middle of this month, at the earliest, and that general manager Brian Cashman would not speculate on a targeted return date for A-Rod. It was reported when news of the injury first broke that Alex would need 4-6 weeks of “prehab” work leading up to the surgery, so this sounds as though he’s still right on schedule, actually.

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A Lot On The Line For Phil Hughes In 2013

How much can Hughes make for himself in 2013? Courtesy of Getty Images

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

After a 2011 season that could only be called a complete disaster, Phil...

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Why I Deserve To Be In The Hall Of Fame


All the votes are in, and when the ballot results are released on January 9th, we’ll finally know if I’ve been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. After much anticipation, and six weeks of long and tedious debates, the Baseball Writers Association of...

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On the Money: Hall of Fame edition

Really fun show to do tonight, in no small part because we spent the whole time talking about the Hall of Fame. That meant lots of steroids talk, for better or worse, but I think we had an unusually enlightening chat on that front with Jeff Pearlman of Sports Illustrated. Jeff is a pretty strongly anti-PED guy, which it won’t take long to learn from listening, but he makes some good points (even if I don’t agree with them), and adds the perspective of a guy who was covering baseball at the time to the conversation.

In the second half of the show, Mike Bates (The Common Man) of The Platoon Advantage and SB Nation joins us, and unlike Jeff pretty much winds up at exactly the place I am on most of the topics, so no fireworks here. As usual though, Mike makes several worthy arguments of his own, and we make it a point to get away from steroids and into the actual ballot, namely the guys on the margins of worthiness.…

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Swisher’s divorce from the Yankees is complete

Nick Swisher was formally introduced as a member of the Cleveland Indians a little while ago – it was broadcast on MLB Network. In his press conference, he declared Cleveland to be the place, “Where we were going to be wanted and where we were going to be loved.”

Oh, really?

He, of course, added that he had a blast in New York and loved the fans in right field.

Nice save, Swish!

It will be interesting to see the reception Swisher receives in his first trip back to the Stadium. Will Yankee fans remember him for the four years of above average performance in the regular season or will they still have the bad taste in their mouths from his final playoff appearance?

Personally, I’d stand and applaud him in his first at bat back in New York. I enjoyed watching Swisher during his time in pinstripes and will miss his zany antics.

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Sherman: Yankees not interested in Delmon

Finding a right-handed hitting outfielder to balance out the three left-handed hitters who figure to make up their Opening Day outfield is the Yankees’ top offseason priority at the moment, but Joel Sherman reports that it won’t be Delmon Young fitting that bill for the Yankees. Young is certainly adept at hitting southpaws, with a .307/.341/.483 career slash line against them (117 wRC+), and a .308/.333/.500 line (125 wRC+) in 189 plate appearances in 2012. He’s also developed a reputation as a clutchy postseason hitter over the past two years, and won the ALCS MVP awardfor his efforts in the Tigers’ sweep of the Yankees’ last season. That said, he’s an outfielder in name only, so he would really be more of a platoon DH for the Yankees than an extra outfielder. What’s more, he was arrested for hurling anti-Semitic insults on the streets of New York back in April, so it’s not really hard to see why the Yankees wouldn’t even be casually interested in signing him.…

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