Cody Eppley the Fireman

Plenty of unsung heroes have stepped up for the Yankees since losing Mariano Rivera and David Robertson to the disabled list, but who the hell is Cody Eppley? Two months ago, I wouldn’t have an answer for you. I could now tell you that the 26 year old right handed pitcher was drafted by the...

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Will Ethier’s contract affect Swisher’s winter?

The Yankees are already in a tough situation with respect to Swisher’s looming free agency, as Hal Steinbrenner’s directive for the team to get below the luxury tax threshold by the start of 2014 makes it difficult to see how the team could resign Swisher to a long term deal while leaving enough money to fill potential holes at second base, catcher, and centerfield as well, to say nothing of bringing in reinforcements for the starting rotation. Most of us have more or less assumed this is Swisher’s last season in the Bronx, but there was some hope that they might be able to find a way to work something out at a reasonable dollar amount. Ethier’s new contract likely puts that hope to bed.

First and foremost, one thing that stands out when examining the two players is how similar they are in productivity. Ethier is certainly off to a much better start to 2012 than Swisher is and is about 19 months younger than Swisher, but from 2009-2011 the two were more or less even in terms of their offensive productivity, while Swisher was probably a touch better than Ethier in the field.…

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The Return Of Derek Jeter’s GB Demons

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

As awesome as Derek Jeter’s scorching hot start to the season was, deep down we all knew it was going to come to an end eventually.  There were just too many factors playing against him for his low-1.000s OPS and low-.400s...

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Can I get a Huzzah for Boone Logan?

Everybody has different ways to evaluate a relief pitcher’s performance. ERA is probably the worst because a reliever’s ERA can get wrecked by one bad outing and it will take weeks of appearances to fix it. FIP is a little better, but not perfect. Logan’s ERA is 2.57. But his FIP is 1.95. SIERA has its uses and lists Logan at 1.95. And that success is despite a BABIP that is way high at .392. But what I like the best are the strikeouts.

Some current wisdom states that there are only three things a pitcher can control: Homers, strikeouts and walks. I have a few problems with that as the batter has a few things to say about those as well with plate discipline, home run to fly ball ratios and batted ball data. But anyway, Logan is doing really well in two of those three categories. He has allowed only one homer all season. And after posting his best K/9 rate of his career last season at 9.94, he is way better this year with a K/9 rate of 13.29.…

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