Report: Yanks interested in Cody Ross

According to Rob Bradford of WEEI in Boston, the Yankees are interested in Cody Ross and requested his medical history.

Now as we all know from what’s been happening so far this season, the Yankees only seem to be interested in giving out one-year deals. Ross was looking for a three-year deal from the Red Sox who so far have only offered him two years. So this could be one of those “throwing a name out there to see if people will bite” sort of thing.

I guess that means I fell for it.

Anyway, Ross spent the bulk of his career – 2006-2010 – with the Florida Marlins. He was traded from Florida to San Francisco in 2010 and won a World Series title with the Giants. He was signed to a one-year deal with Boston batted 267/.326/.481 with 22 homers and 81 RBI in 2012.

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Jeter vows to be ready

Derek Jeter was on Michael Kay’s ESPN Radio show this afternoon, and he made it clear that his expectation is to be ready for Opening Day. “I’ll be in the walking boot for another few weeks, and then I’ll be good to go,” Jeter said of his efforts to rehab a broken ankle. “It’s been a long process. What’s it been, six or seven weeks, where I haven’t been able to move too much? But it’s healing probably just as expected. We still got a long way to go before the season starts, but I’ll be ready.” Joe Girardi had previously said that Jeter might not be fully prepared to play when Opening Day rolls around, but that was likely as much about not being too bold too quickly as anything else.

Jeter also addressed recent “reports” that he’s put on a few pounds this fall. “I thought it was pretty funny,” he said. “I guess there’s a lot of things you can do with a picture.…

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Toronto claims Whiteside

Via Ken Rosenthal, the Blue Jays have claimed catcher Eli Whiteside off of waivers after the Yankees DFA’d him to make room for Andy Pettitte‘s new contract. That’s not necessarily a huge deal, as the light hitting 33 year old is hardly the sort of player you lose sleep over losing to a waiver claim, but it does mean that the Yankees are down one potential option for replacing Russell Martin. Conversely, the Blue Jays already had three catchers in their organization in J.P. Arencibia, the recently acquired John Buck, and top prospect Travis d’Arnaud. That would lead me to believe they plan on trading Arencibia or Buck, though it would be tough to see them moving either to a divisional rival just as they seem to be poised to contend for the division crown.

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You pay a lot for sports television

There’s an interesting story in the Los Angeles Times today about the rising cost of sports programming in cable/satellite television package. The upshot: about half of your cable bill now comes from the cost of sports programming, which includes both your local regional sports networks, as well as ESPN, MLB Network, etc. This, predictably, has non-sports fans and a la carte television pricing up in arms, which is about as hilariously awful as you would expect it to be if you have a rough idea of how the economics of cable work.

Here’s the dime store version of how this works. In addition to whatever costs related to physical hardware they may have, cable television providers have to pay networks for the rights to broadcast their content. The laws of supply and demand are pretty straight-forward here: popular networks that get relatively large audiences (like ESPN or YES) are able to demand much higher fees than smaller, nichey networks, and providers have much less leverage to balk at their asking prices, as a cable company that didn’t let you watch ESPN or whichever network broadcasts your local baseball team’s games would likely find themselves losing customers pretty quickly.…

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Yankees still interested in Stephen Drew

With the likelihood of Alex Rodriguez missing quite a bit of playing time following hip surgery on the horizon, the outlook for the rest of the offseason figures to change pretty sharply for the Yankees. We already knew that the team wanted to add another infielder, potentially to fill a “super-sub” role on the left side of the infield, but with the starting third base position now open, at least on an interim basis, that need has certainly calcified for Brian Cashman and company.

One name that has repeatedly come up on this front is shortstop Stephen Drew. Reports have been out there for weeks that the Yankees were interested in acquiring Drew to backup A-Rod and Derek Jeter, and Jim Bowden tweeted as much just yesterday, reporting that the Yankees were concerned with the lack of range of their aging infielders. I’ve been pretty skeptical of this possibility, if only because the fact that someone is bound to be interested in using Drew as a starter made it tough for me to see him signing up for a bench role, but now that he could be a starting third baseman for at least the first two or three months could make a big difference in negotiations.…

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2013 Yankee Analysts Hall of Fame Voting

Right now, a lot of BBWAA members are looking over their Hall of Fame ballots, and deciding who to vote for. With only 10 spots on the ballots for votes, the results this year are certainly going to be interesting. A lot of deserving players will fail to clear the bar, and the...

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Rodriguez To Undergo Hip Surgery, Out Three To Six Months, Yankees Targeting Drew

The playoff disaster that was Alex Rodriguez may have been brought out by an injury to his left hip. Rodriguez tore the labrum in his left hip this season and must now undergo surgery to repair it. The recovery timetable is three to six weeks, and the Yankees are hopeful that he’ll...

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Red Sox agree to deal with Napoli

While there’s no shortage of big news out of Yankeeland today, the rest of baseball is getting the offseason into high gear as well, and one team who figures to be an active player at the Winter Meetings is our old friend in Boston. The Red Sox have a lot of budget room to play with after unloading the contracts of Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and Carl Crawford back in August, and they’ve started to spend some of that money today by signing Mike Napoli to a three year, $39 million contract. Napoli had been connected to the Yankees somewhat, and as a nominal catcher would have made some sense, but those rumors basically went nowhere, and he’s seemed destined to sign with Boston for weeks now. I would imagine he’ll split his time between first base and catching this coming season, and his right-handed bat would seem to be a great fit for his new home park.

The Red Sox have a lot of work to do in picking up the pieces of that organization after their last place debacle in 2012, but this is a really good starting point, and it sounds like Nick Swisher may be their next big target.…

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Jacob Ruppert finally elected to the Hall of Fame

One of the first pieces of real news that emerges from the Winter Meetings is the results of the Hall of Fame Veterans’ Committee voting, and this year there’s good news for Yankee fans who care about such things, as former Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert has been voted in as part of the committee’s per-integration ballot. Ruppert, who owned the Yankees from 1915-39, probably played as big a role as anyone in building the early Yankee dynasties, and is probably best known for making the trade to bring Babe Ruth to the Yankees and building the original Yankee Stadium. If anything, it’s really a mystery why Ruppert wasn’t inducted long ago, especially considering some of the owners who have made the cut (*cough* Tom Yawkey *cough*), but at least he’s in now, I guess. Congratulations to him and to his family on the honor.

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