My Melky Mesa Theory

Can we get this kid some swings in a different set of pinstripes? Courtesy of Paul Hasdall

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Casual observations after the road trip

Not as bad as it seemed:

With last night’s victory in Fenway, the Yankees were able to pull their record on the trip to an even 5-5. That’s not great, but it’s not horrible either, especially given the breakdown of games. If this were, say, late May, I don’t think anyone would be too worked up about a road trip that included losing two out of three in Tampa, splitting four games with the first place Orioles, and taking two out of three in Fenway. Yes, they did complete their “collapse” in the division standings, officially moving into a tie with Baltimore and being unable to regain any semblance of control afterwards, but a lot of that has to do with how well Baltimore is playing. Over this same 10 game stretch, the Orioles have gone 7-3, sandwiching their split with the Yankees in between taking two out of three in Toronto and sweeping the Rays at home. In many ways, it’s sort of a testament to the Yankees’ resilience that they were able to slow down the O’s momentarily, especially considering that they had a good chance to sweep the series.…

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The Yankees Should Extend Phil Hughes


Remember when Hughes was having an ugly season? Well he’s posted a 3.46 ERA (153.1 IP) since losing the cutter, a 3.17 ERA (96.2 IP) since lowering his arm slot, and a 2.84 ERA (25.1 IP) since adding the slider.

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Hughes impressive, Yankees win, 2-0

This is not the same Red Sox lineup that has kept the Yankee Universe up nights over the past few years. David Ortiz is hurt, Dustin Pedroia was on paternity leave, Jacoby Ellsbury is a shell of the player he was last year, and of course, Kevin Youkilis has moved on to Chicago. But even so, Hughes was impressive. It was not until the eighth inning that Hughes allowed a lead off batter in an inning to get on base. He retired the side in order in the first three innings with only a couple dozen pitches thrown. He consistently got ahead of hitters and hit his spots most of the night.

Doubront was not as efficient as Hughes and as his wont, he was often frustrated with the strike zone being called by the home plate umpire. But he matched Hughes zero for zero in the first three innings. Only an Alex Rodriguez single in the first and an Andruw Jones walk in the second messed up Doubront’s scorecard.…

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Hughes Comes Up Big, Yankees Beat Red Sox 2-0

Prior to tonight’s game, Phil Hughes had been terrible at Fenway Park. It’s the ballpark he’s had the most trouble in so far in his career. So, of course, Hughes would come out and lead the Yankees to a 2-0 win over the Red...

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