On the Money 2/5/2013

On tonight’s episode, Stacey and I discuss the latest developments in the ongoing Miami-based PED scandal (there are Cervelli jokes, in other words), and I also express my misgivings about the direction the reporting on the matter is beginning to take. We also tackle the issue of outfield configuration, and get far too serious about Michael Kay’s eating habits. Yeah, this last week is going to be a rough one, but it’s going to be over soon. Enjoy!

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UPDATED: And the Biogenesis investigation got more interesting

A short while ago a report by Yahoo Sports revealed that Ryan Braun was listed in the records of the Miami-area clinic that Alex Rodriguez has been linked to. But that’s not the interesting part, Braun’s already been connected to PEDs in the past and in this instance his name wasn’t listed next to any drug names. No, the interesting part of the report is the very familiar name in the following blurb that makes this story even more bizarre.

Braun is on a list that includes Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera and Cesar Carrillo, who the New Times reported received PEDs from Bosch. Also on the list are New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli and Baltimore Orioles third baseman Danny Valencia, who weren’t listed near PEDs either. The record matches a document the New Times posted with Braun’s name redacted and Cervelli and Valencia’s cut off.

Yes, that’s right, Francisco Cervelli is now part of this still unfolding story.… Click here to read the rest

Links: Prospects, Support for A-Rod, Mariano is Love and Who’s in Center?

Happy Tuesday, Yankee fans. Here’s a few links for you to read this afternoon.

We’re only a week away from the official start of Spring Training. So far, there have been reports of Michael Pineda and Derek Jeter engaging in baseball activities. Also, Ivan Nova is down in Tampa, Phil Hughes arrived this morning and I believe Joba Chamberlain also made his way south.… Click here to read the rest

Countdown To Spring Training: Mickey Mantle

We’re at seven days. SEVEN.

It’s the homestretch and after that, the next countdown, though we more than likely won’t be writing about it, is the one of the number of days until the first Spring Training game.

In this installment of our countdown, I’m cheating slightly and reposting something I wrote about Mickey Mantle’s 1956 season. It was posted on High Heat Stats a couple of weeks back and I thought it would be a good post for today. So enjoy!


I once saw a tweet that mentioned Mickey Mantle‘s OPS+ in his second to last season as a player – it was 149. The person was impressed by the number. Mantle was 35-years-old and on his last legs. Then I thought about Mantle’s career as a whole and I remembered looking some of his numbers from his MVP winning years – 1956, 1957 and 1962 – when I was researching for another post. So I decided to take a look again at his stats and I was amazed.… Click here to read the rest

A local paper continues its campaign to run out A-Rod of town

So the Daily News published a story this morning about Alex Rodriguez‘s paranoia. Bear with me.

In the story, anonymous sources (of course) claim Alex is telling friends he believes MLB – with the help of the Yankees – is out to get him and that this whole investigation into Biogenesis is a way to get him out of baseball.

Alex Rodriguez is taking his wildest swing yet in his fight against steroid allegations: The Yankees and MLB are conspiring to push him out of the game. Sources say the embattled Yankee star is “scared” that bigger forces are at work to try to discredit him and sink his career … “He’s scared, because he thinks this is so unbelievably false, and he’s wondering who could be behind this … He thinks something could be going on larger than anyone might think.”

Maybe it’s the illuminati!

I will give you a few seconds to laugh. Okay. Let’s get serious for a few moments.… Click here to read the rest

Piecing it Together

For most of the offseason, I’ve lamented the losses of two key batters: Nick Swisher and Russell Martin. By no means are those players superstars, but they were perfect fits for the Yankee offense. Both Swisher ad Martin provided power and patience, cornerstones of the team’s offense for the last two decades. In their places, the Yankees will have players not known for their power or patience.

Ichiro Suzuki and a combination of Chris Stewart and Francisco Cervelli (at least to start the year) will man right field and catcher. While Ichiro may have something left at the plate, the catching duo will hardly strike fear into the hearts and minds of opposing pitching staffs. Their inclusion is, overall, representative of a potential loss of offense for the Yankees. This isn’t to say that neither of the three has no redeeming offensive qualities. Ichiro can still make a bit of contact and Cervelli can draw the occasional walk. Both will have places in the Yankee lineup, probably towards the bottom of the lineup.… Click here to read the rest

On the Money: 2/4/2013

I may have been half past delirious, but the show must go on, and that’s just what On the Money did tonight. I’m n0t gonna lie: my best efforts to get my mind off of the Superbowl were not particularly successful, and I did spend a good chunk of time babbling about that, but I would like to think we made it semi-pertinent a week away from the opening of camp. We more or less reflected on the emotional extremes of fandom, and I even spun off a media critique or two. Just give me until tomorrow, then it’ll pass.

On the baseball side of things, we did kick around some Yankee related topics of varying significance, including Derek Jeter’s workouts and non-statement on le affaire A-Rod, as well as my peevishness with respect to the Yankees policy of retiring un-retired numbers. Enjoy!

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Yankees 10th in Law’s organization rankings

The Yankees’ farm system isn’t quite as impressive at first blush as they were at this time last year, but they still have a lot of talent (albeit towards the bottom of the system), and they still stack up pretty well against the rest of the league. In fact, Keith Law thinks they have a top ten system, putting them in the tenth spot in his just released organizational rankings. That corresponds pretty closely with the rankings of Baseball America (11th) and John Sickels (14th), putting the Yankees squarely in the top half of the league. After trading away Jesus Montero and having Manny Banuelos and Jose Campos go down with injuries in 2012, that’s a real testament to the work Brian Cashman and the front office has done in investing in player development recently.

On a quick programming note: You should probably expect light blogging from me over the next two days. I have a small parade to attend tomorrow that will occupy most of my day, and as for today, well frankly I’m far too distracted/exhausted to find many interesting things about baseball.… Click here to read the rest

Buster Olney’s Keys To The Yankees’ Season Are Accurate, Surprisingly Predictable

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

I’m a Buster Olney fan.  I think he’s one of the best baseball reporters in the business, if not the best, and take his information and thoughts on the Yankees more seriously than probably any other beat writer or MSM reporter.  That’s why I was a little surprised to find that Olney’s “What Yankees need to go right in ’13” Friday morning blog post (Insider Only) was so ordinary.  It’s not that anything he said was wrong or untrue, it’s just that a lot of it seemed so obvious and so basic that it didn’t feel like a true Yankee-centric post to me.   Have the Yankees really become this boring this offseason?

1. CC Sabathia needs to be healthy enough to provide a lot of innings — and be good in those innings.

Well yeah.  He’s the unquestioned ace of the staff.  What team doesn’t need their ace to be good?… Click here to read the rest