On the Money preview

On the Money returns tonight for our regular Monday program to help you grind out the deepest, darkest, period of the winter. MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch will join us at the top of the show to discuss the latest Yankees related news (I’d say there’s a very good chance we’ll be asking him about Justin Upton and Javier Vazquez), and later on in the hour our own William Tasker will come out of hibernation long enough to check in and share his thoughts on the offseason thus far. The festivities start at 9:00 P.M., and you can listen live here.

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Countdown to Spring Training: 29

Now, we’re just 29 days away from Spring Training. It’s so close we can practically taste it. Today, I wanted to talk about someone who gets a bit overlooked in recent Yankee history. The (ugh) Core Four is always referred to as Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano...

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The Yankees have scouted Vazquez

Nick Cafardo passes along a tidbit of information likely to send many Yankee fans into apoplectic fits: The Yankees are among the teams who have scouted Javier Vazquez as the former Yankee contemplates a comeback. Scouts are apparently raving about what they’re seeing from Vazquez, who’s reportedly throwing his fastball in the 92-95 MPH range, but that probably doesn’t matter to many of the pinstriped faithful after Vazquez’s two, um, less than stellar tours with the Bombers.

For what it’s worth, I really don’t expect the Yankees to sign Vazquez, even though he probably won’t get any more than a minor league contract after sitting out all of 2012. Aside from the PR problems a reunion would bring, and the immense pressure Vazquez would likely be under if he did indeed take the Yankee Stadium mound again, the Nationals are said to be particularly interested in him at this point, and seem like a likely landing point for the guy who apparently just doesn’t mesh with the Bronx.…

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How Alex Rodriguez’ Hip Injury Affected His Swing

It’s been two months since the Yankees found out about Alex Rodriguez‘ hip, and on Wednesday, the third baseman will finally have his surgery. After 27 awful-looking Postseason plate appearances, it’s no surprise that Rodriguez had a significant injury. It wasn’t until being benched by Joe Girardi in Game...

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Andy Pettitte will pitch in WBC

Via Jon Heyman, Andy Pettitte will pitch for Team USA in this year’s World Baseball Classic. He’ll join Ryan Vogelsong and reigning N.L. Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey in the Team USA rotation. Unlike a lot of people (so it seems, anyway) I enjoy having the WBC to watch every few years, but I’m not sure how wild I am about one of the Yankees’ starters participating in the tournament, especially the 40 something Pettitte. It’s more inning put on the arm of a guy who missed a big chunk of last season, and a greater chance of getting hurt. On the other hand, it’s more chances to see Pettitte pitch in what could well be his final season, and it’s not like guys can’t get hurt in camp or regular Spring Training games.

Update: According to multiple reports, Mark Teixeira will also play for Team USA. Along with Robinson Cano (Dominican Republic) and Francisco Cervelli (Italy), that makes four Yankees participating in the WBC.…

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Morosi: Upton too expensive for Yankees

Less than a week after Hal Steinbrenner assured Yankee fans that his team’s mandate to get below the luxury tax threshold before next season would not get in the way of assembling a championship caliber team, a report comes out that seriously puts those assurances in doubt. According to Jon Paul Morosi, the Yankees are “reluctant” to enter the Upton sweepstakes, and Morosi fingers the 2014 budget plan as the reason.

As those of you who know me might have expected, I spent most of the weekend in a football coma and didn’t get around to writing about this yesterday, which I thought might mellow my opinion on this story a little bit. It didn’t. There’s a lot of variables that could be in play here, namely that I still have trouble seeing the Yankees matching up with the Diamondbacks on a package, especially with other teams with deeper organizations involved, but if they really are passing on Upton simply because he’s owed roughly $10 million per year on his current contract, that’s just completely indefensible for the richest team in the league.…

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Cap Anson is in the Hall of Fame

Cap Anson played primarily for the team that would go on to become the Chicago Cubs in the late 19th century. He was one of the premier players of his era. To modern era eyes his most notable on field accomplishments are his 3,435 hits, his 2,075 RBI and his .334/.394/.447 slash line...

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Countdown to Spring Training: 30

Happy Sunday, everyone. Today’s installment brings us back to the late 40’s and early 50’s period of Yankee baseball. Today, we’ll honor left-handed starting pitcher Eddie Lopat. I chose him for this morning’s post for two (odd) reasons. First, he died on my fifth birthday, June 15, 1992. Second, he’s buried in...

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Jeter has begun working out

Good news from Florida. Derek Jeter is out of his walking boot, still actually has a foot and has begun working out in preparation for the 2013 season. GM Brian Cashman confirmed that Jeter is well on his way to being ready in time for Opening Day.

Via Bryan Hoch of MLB.com:

“He’s doing fine,” Cashman said. “All the boots are off. He’s allowed to walk around now in shoes and stuff, but he’s not doing any running. He’s at the complex and they have an underwater treadmill, so he’s doing some walking underwater.

“Sometime in mid-to-late January, he’ll be cleared for some baseball activities; hitting and fielding. He won’t be doing any running until the very back end of this. That’s the plan so far, and he’s doing well.”

Jeter, who turns 39 (gasp!) in June, batted .316 in 2012. He hit 15 home runs, collected 58 RBIs in 159 games and he led the Major Leagues with 216 hits.…

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