Report: Pascal Perez Killed In A Home Invasion

According to reports from two Spanish newspapers, former MLB pitcher Pascual Perez was killed in a home invasion in the Dominican Republic. Perez was in his home when he robbers came in with machetes and it is believed that money was the motive for the robbery.

From Dominican Today:

Perez received his Major League Baseball pension money yesterday, and the likely motive for the fatal assault and a stab wound to the neck.  He was reportedly suffering from an ailment at the time of the attack.

Perez, 55, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves and Montreal Expos, played the last two seasons of his career with New York Yankees. He was selected for the All-Star game once in 1983 and his career record was 67-68 with 3.44 ERA and 882 strikeouts.

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The 2013 bullpen

First off, how is everyone? I know a large portion of our readership is certainly in the Tri-State Area and I hope you and yours are doing well. Now, let’s get onto some baseball matters as a nice distraction.

As you probably could’ve guessed by midseason, Rafael Soriano has officially...

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Kuroda’s Desires And How They Benefit The Yankees

Courtesy of Anthony Gruppuso, US Presswire

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With 2012 serving as the latest example of why you can never ever have too much starting pitching, and the current...

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Casey McGehee has elected free agency

According to Bryan Hoch, Casey McGehee has elected free agency rather than pursue staying with the New York Yankees. It’s hard to blame McGehee who never really got a shot with the Yankees and was rather abused in roster moves. His short time with the Yankees was one of the stranger developments this past season. The Yankees traded Chad Qualls to get McGehee on July 31 and McGehee only garnered 59 plate appearances for the Yankees after that date.

In other roster news, Hoch also reported that the Yankees have returned Brad Meyers to the Washington Nationals. Meyers made only one minor league appearance all season.

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Yankees donate a half a million to Red Cross

According to several sources, including the Yankees public relations Twitter account, the Yankees have donated $500,000 to the Red Cross to aid relief to the tri-state area battered by Hurricane Sandy.

In a statement, Hal Steinbrenner said the following:

“The damage and destruction to the Tri-State area caused by Hurricane Sandy is daunting, but we have seen the great resiliency of this region before. As a neighbor and community member, the Yankees embrace our role of stepping forward and assisting the American Red Cross.”

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Rafael Soriano opts out

According to Jon Heyman, it is now official that Rafael Soriano has opted out of his contract with the New York Yankees and is a free agent. This is certainly no surprise and was long expected. Expect the Yankees to make a qualifying offer to Soriano by the deadline on Friday and then Soriano can negotiate with the Yankees and then other teams. Soriano is reportedly looking for a four year deal.

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Yanks And Royals As Potential Trade Partners?

Anybody who says they wouldn't want this guy is a liar. Courtesy of Getty Images

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Yesterday This past Saturday Chad Jennings of LoHud brought up the possibility of...

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Salivating over Mark Montgomery

One of the least areas of concern for the New York Yankees heading forward into 2013 is the bullpen. Yes, some of the personnel of that bullpen are in flux right now. Jon Heyman insists that Rafael Soriano will opt out of his contract today, giving the Yankees until Friday to make a qualifying offer. Then the fun starts as Soriano can either accept that offer (unlikely), or work out a two or three year deal with the Yankees (he wants four years). Mariano Rivera has not decided if he will pitch or not in 2013 and if he decides he will, still has to work out a deal with the Yankees to do so. David Robertson is an elite relief pitcher and Joba Chamberlain looked great in September. David Aardsma will be available and is Plan D. In the back of all those contingency plans is one Mark Montgomery, the next big thing.

It has been hard to salivate over the impending arrival of any Yankee youngster since Jesus Montero was traded away.…

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How’s Everybody Holding Up?

“Why would you want to move out to Wisconsin?” everybody said.  “It’s freezing cold there,” they said.  “All it does is snow,” they said.  “It’s nothing but cheese and fat people,” they said.  The last part is true, but for the most part I haven’t had any issues with the weather since I made the...

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