Report: Ichiro is impatient

So the news late yesterday and continuing into today, on the eve of the Winter Meetings is that Ichiro Suzuki is apparently growing impatient with the New York Yankees.

“At the beginning we talked a lot but since that time, zero,’’ agent Tony Attanasio said of discussions with the Yankees. “As far as we are concerned we don’t care what the Yankees do. We have had conversations with multiple clubs. If we see something we like he will go through with it.’

Didn’t he just say he was willing to wait for the Yankees to get all of their pitching signings done? I wasn’t imagining this, right? It did happen and it happened in the not-so-distant past. So why all the urgency now?

The bad thing for the Yankees is that the free agent outfielders who are available have a lot of red flags attached to them in different ways. In the case of some like Michael Bourn, they’re too expensive or in the case of Shane Victorinothey want to be signed for too many years.…

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The most important Hall of Fame ballot in my lifetime

The Hall of Fame released its 2013 ballot recently, and it reads like a who’s who of the greatest players of the 1990’s. The most important player on the list is Barry Bonds, statistically speaking the greatest hitter since Ted Williams and arguably the greatest ever, but Roger...

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Something smells fishy with the Yankees

The New York Yankees signed Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and Hiroki Kuroda to one year contracts. Russell Martin was allowed to waltz away fairly cheaply to the Pirates. Ichiro Suzuki‘s agent says he is tired of waiting for the Yankees and is now listening to other offers. Nick Swisher is in the rear view mirror. The only contracts the Yankees have added so far are roster fillers like Jim Miller, etc, and one year deals that more than likely will be off the books for 2014. Curtis Granderson, Phil Hughes, Robinson Cano and Joba Chamberlain are all dangerously close to free agency in 2014. We have all heard to the point of nausea that the Yankees have given themselves a hard cap of $189 million in 2014. What nobody is saying is that as of right now, there is only about $96 million tied up for 2014.

Let’s look at that $96 million. $70.5 million of that is tied up in three guys: C.C.…

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Mariano Rivera’s deal is official and other Yankee signings

It’s official, the Yankees announced that Mariano Rivera has signed a one-year contract to pitch in 2013. The terms of the deal are as follows, per Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports:

Rivera contract with #Yankees: One year: $10M plus following incentives. $500K for LCS/MVP, $1M for WS/MVP, $1M for winning Rolaids award.

Rivera said in his statement: “I feel like we have…a team that can compete for a championship. I’m not just coming back to play. I’m coming back to win.”

Also coming across the wires otherwise known as Twitter as I was writing this post, the Yankees designated both Mickey Storey and Jayson Nix for assignment to make room for Rivera and righthander Jim Miller on the 40-man roster. Miller was picked up a short time ago from Oakland.

Nix was signed to a $900,000 major league contract and immediately designated for assignment. He agreed to accept the assignment in Triple A and if he clears waivers, he will report to camp in the Spring.…

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Report: Yankees to tender contract offers to everyone

From the Chad Jennings of the Lohud Yankees Blog:

A team spokesman just announced that the Yankees “do not anticipate having any non-tenders” before tonight’s deadline. Obviously something crazy could change between now and then — thought I honestly have no idea what that would be — but for now, go ahead and count on everyone on the roster being tendered a contract offer.

Also, from the YankeesPR Twitter account:

Yankees also claim RHP Jim Miller off waivers from Oakland; next up, Winter Meetings in Nashville

Today’s been a quiet day especially compared to yesterday’s events. And speaking of yesterday, the Pirates’ twitter account tweeted a picture of their newest acquisition, Russell Martin, who seems to be sporting a mustache for Movember. Or maybe he just forgot to wash his face.

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Cashman: New catcher “likely” already with organization

I don’t want to say I told you so, but:

With Russell Martin heading to Pittsburgh, GM Brian Cashman has another player to replace, although he doesn’t anticipate making a big splash.

“It’s possible our catchers are on our roster right now,” Cashman said. “That is very well possible and more likely than not, but we’ll see.”

There could, of course, be better options, but that’s not necessarily likely to be the case if the Yankees don’t intend to make a push for Mike Napoli or A.J. Pierzynski. Truth be told, as annoying as it would be I don’t think there could be a better public face for the “new” Yankees than Francisco Cervelli (or Chris Stewart) starting at catcher.

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Why Do I Not Like Shane Victorino?

Double ear flaps. So stupid. GAH!!! Courtesy of the AP

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

In addition to muddying the waters of the Russell Martin contract situation, Jon Heyman also listed...

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Gotta hand it to the Post, they’re always bringing you the big breaking stories. Today they have the shocking news that, brace yourself…Derek Jeter has put on some weight!

Okay, I can’t snark too hard because they did get me to click on the story straight away, and once you get past the headline and picture there’s no attempt to stir up any controversy or anything. It’s just a straight up attempt to get clicks, and it worked on me, so job well done. There’s obviously no meat to this, though: just a case of a recently injured athlete who can’t do any lower body exercises, or even run, putting on some weight. Once he’s cleared to work out, I have little doubt that Jeter will be in great shape in short order.

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Dreaming About Zack Greinke

Over the last 8 years, no other pitcher has ever gotten close to touching Zack Greinke‘s 2009 season. His 9.3 fWAR was a full win ahead of Justin Verlander‘s highest mark, 1.5 fWAR higher than C.C. Sabathia’s, and 1.6 fWAR higher than Cliff Lee‘s. His 2.33 FIP was the...

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