Yanks blow it in the seventh, lose, 5-4

The Yankees had base runners in all of the first three innings off of Vasquez, but could not push a run across. Derek Jeter extended his hitting streak with a lead off single in the first. But was still there after Ichiro Suzuki fouled out and Alex Rodriguez struck out. Robinson Cano, the DH in this game, singled to right-center and Jeter went to third. But with two outs, Nick Swisher went the route of Ichiro and fouled out to the third baseman to end the inning.

Vasquez worked around a two-out walk to Raul Ibanez in the second but Nix popped out to end that inning. In the third, Vasquez allowed a one-out single to Ichiro only to strike out A-Rod again on a 3-2 pitch. Ichiro ran on the play and was gunned out by Joe Mauer to complete the double-play.

Meanwhile, Phil Hughes was coasting along. He worked around a two out single in the first and a lead off single in the second and retired the order in the third.…

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Yanks Blow An Opportunity to Extend East Lead, Drop One To The Twins

The Yankees missed a golden opportunity to gain an even bigger lead over the Baltimore Orioles tonight. The O’s dropped a game to the Blue Jays while the Yankees and Twins were still in progress at Target Field.

In fact, the Yankees were leading the game when the Orioles lost so it seemed like they’d finish...

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Game 154: 8 Is The Magic Number

I love this matchup. Phil Hughes in Target Field. Don’t think you could find a better ballpark for him. With the way the bullpen has been used lately, a long outing from Hughes could give a lot of guys a much needed rest. Here’s the lineup.

Derek Jeter SS
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Flashback: Phil Rizzuto

Phil ‘The Scooter’ Rizzuto would have been 95 today, so I thought it would be fun to look back at some of his numbers and if you have any Scooter memories, you can leave them in the comments. Though to be honest, if you’re old enough to have seen him play, I’m impressed that you...

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Do the Yankees really need youth for the sake of it?

To put some specifics on the matter, the Yankees added two new veteran pitchers between 2011 and 2012. One, Hiroki Kuroda, was given an eight figure salary for one year, and has arguably been the team’s most valuable pitcher over the course of the season. The other, Andy Pettitte, signed a relatively meager non-guaranteed minor league contract, and was quite possibly the team’s best pitcher before a line drive put him on the disabled list. There’s just no way I can get behind any argument that either of those two signings was a mistake in any way, considering how valuable Kuroda and Pettitte have been to the Yankees this season.

The idea that the Yankees have ostracized young pitchers in 2012 doesn’t really withstand scrutiny very well either. After all, had everything gone according to plan the team’s Opening Day rotation would have included two second year starters in Michael Pineda and Ivan Nova (the latter having also started two ALDS games for the Yankees in 2011), as well as Phil Hughes.…

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Yankees Bench Coming Up Empty in the Pinch

(The following was originally published at The Captain’s Blog; follow me on Twitter at@williamnyy23).

There’s probably nothing more satisfying to a manager than saving his best bat off the bench for just the right moment, and then having him come through according to plan. On Friday night, Athletics’ manager Bob Melvin got...

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Andy is still dandy after DL trip

For his part, Pettitte was typically hard on himself after last nights performance.  “I know how sharp I was when I got hurt, and obviously I’m a work in progress right now,” he told reporters. “I would love to see my stuff get back to where it was, so, there’s some stuff I still need to work on and get some reps in my bullpens and stuff like that but like I said it was good to be able to stay out of the middle of zone and make some big pitches and get some big outs when I needed it.” That’s a praise worthy trait to have as a professional pitcher, but it doesn’t really comport to either the eye test or what we can measure with Pitch F/X.

Using the data available at Texas Leaguers, it’s pretty hard to see where Pettitte’s stuff is lacking. His velocity is actually a touch better than before he went on the DL, and he’s throwing strikes at about the same rate.…

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