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Hey everyone. Hope you’re safe from the hurricane wherever you are. If you feel bored or curious about anything Yankee related, why don’t you drop a line to I’ll answer any posts if/when I can. Hope to hear from you!

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Will Kuroda get a qualifying offer?

You couldn’t ask for a much better bargain than Hiroki Kuroda. Signed to a one year, $10 million contract on the same day that the Yankees traded their top prospect for Michael Pineda,it was Kuroda who ent on to be the truly impactful acquisition. The 37 year old was arguably the Yankees’ best starter in 2012, leading the team in innings pitched and ER and anchoring the staff through a period in which C.C. Sabathia and Andy Pettitte were both injured. It’s not taking someone off of the scrap heap and having them put up Cy Young caliber numbers or anything, but it’s about as close to that as you ever really see people get.

Now, however, the Yankees have a pretty interesting decision to make as Kuroda gets set to hit the open market for a second straight year, but this time following arguably his best season as a major leaguer. The Yankees would no doubt like to have him back, but at what cost?…

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Goodbye 2012, hello Sandy

The Giants completed their sweep of the Tigers last night, making them the 2012 World Series champions and officially closing the book on the 2012 season. Given how things went for much of the season, I honestly can’t say I’m that sad to see it go. Hopefully 2013 is a more fortuitous, and healthy, year for the Yankees.

Though their won’t be any more meaningful game for the next five months, the offseason now officially begins, and it promises to be an eventful one with some pretty big changes for the Yankees. You can look here for a full schedule of milestone days between now and the winter meetings, but suffice it to say that free agency opens on Saturday, and some fairly big decisions on options, qualifying offers, etc., will have to be made before then. Unfortunately, the Northeast is going to be battered by Hurricane Sandy as all of this is going on, which will put something of a damper on the enthusiasm for the promise of a new year, to say the least.…

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World Series Game 4: Bring Out The Big Brooms

What a crazy playoffs. It started with some awful calls, then each of the Division Series going to 5 games, then a sweep of the Yankees, a 7 game NLCS that included a huge comeback from the Giants. Tonight, the red hot Giants try there to sweep Detroit and take home a championship.

Jackson CF

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Fair value for Nick Swisher

What ever happens, Nick is going to make a lot of money next year.

Ask anyone who the best Yankee is and the answer will always be the same: Robinson Cano. Ask anyone who the second best Yankee is, however,...

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Is Grandy a product of Yankee Stadium?

All or nothing at all...

One of the names being bandied about as a trade candidate this offseason is Curtis Granderson. It stands to reason. He was so useless down the stretch and in the playoffs that he wound up being benched during the...

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Programming note

Obviously posting has been pretty light here over the past couple of days, but as I’m sure you’re all aware, there’s a tropical storm headed for the Northeast, and all of our editors are located from the Mid-Atlantic up through New England. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve spent most of the past couple of days prepping to ride out the worst case scenario, and still have plenty of work to do before things get bad late tomorrow night. Posting should get back to normal whenever the power is back up and things are reasonably cleaned up down here. The most important thing, obviously, is staying safe, and I hope all of our friends/readers in the New York area in particular are doing just that. If you can, be sure to evacuate if you’re in a low lying area, and make sure you’ve got plenty of batteries/water/other necessities to get you through any outages.

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