Reevaluating the Granderson trade

To make matters worse, for the second straight year one of the players the Yankees gave up is having a fantastic season in their new home. Last year it was Ian Kennedy emerging as a Cy Young candidate in Arizona, this year it’s Austin Jackson having an elite season at the plate in Detroit. Jackson is hitting a whopping .322/.407/.515 for the Tigers while continuing to play an above average centerfield. That batting line translates to a wRC+ of 152, and Jackson is outperforming in just about every offensive category other than home runs, RBI, and runs, but A-Jax also spent time on the disabled list this season.

Be that as it may, I’m not really interested in using hindsight to evaluate the decisions made back in 2009. Jackson has turned into a very nice player for Detroit, but he’s also clearly blown away the projections most prospect watchers had in mind for him. Not only has he continued to thumb his nose at the luck dragon (.402 BABIP) he’s developed power and patience to an extent that he never really did while he was a Yankee farmhand.…

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What We’re Reading: Tuesday Afternoon’s Links

Good afternoon everyone.

So have we all gotten past last night’s debacle? I hope so because we have a game to look forward to tonight. Phil Hughes is looking to right the ship so to speak and keep up his good fortune against the Tigers.

David Waldstein wrote a piece about Hughes’s resurgence in the...

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Some Glimmers Of Light In The Injury-Filled Prospect Darkness

Don't sleep on this guy. Courtesy of Mike Ashmore

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

This has not been a good season for the Yankee farm system.  EJ Fagan made that perfectly clear...

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Granderson’s worrisome second half

In the second half, Curtis Granderson’s triple slash line is: .225/.289/.461. That covers the last 22 games and gives him a second half OPS of .750. In the five games in August, his slash line is: .200/.304/.350. Based on those two sets of numbers, it’s pretty safe to say that he is scuffling at the plate. Lately, Joe Girardi has installed Granderson into the lead-off spot. Why exactly? Granderson has not gotten a hit to lead off a game yet.

All of this is sort of important as it seems that Curtis Granderson is one of the keys to whether the Yankees win or not. Call it a coincidence, but in games that the Yankees win, Granderson has a .965 OPS. In games the Yankees lose, Granderson has an OPS of .651. In those losses, Granderson has struck out in 36.5 percent of his plate appearances. In high leverage situations, he has struck out 25 times in 80 plate appearances or 31.5 percent.…

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