Game 130: Win The Series

Series against AL East teams down the stretch have become way more important than they should be. Even with Andruw Jones batting cleanup, whenever we have Sabathia on the mound against Happ, I like the odds.

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Nick Swisher 1B
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Screw It, Call Up Mark Montgomery

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These are perilous times in Yankeeland, friends.  Injuries have the lineup disintegrating into one giant platoon (or more accurately, TWO giant platoons), the...

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Hughes incorporates new pitch against Jays

With that in mind, Hughes decided to pull out a brand new pitch, working it in against the Blue Jays last night as he hurled seven innings of one run ball:

“I was working on a little cutter/slider hybrid deal in the bullpen and I figured this would be a good team to use it against because they have a lot of right-handed bats in that lineup,” Hughes said. “… I was just kind of messing around with it during catch, threw a few at the end of a bullpen one time and it was decent, so I just kind of started to mix it a little more in. In our scouting report meetings before today’s game, (Larry Rothschild) said, ‘Do you feel comfortable going to it if you need to? Not a whole lot obviously, but just something?’ I said, yeah. The first one was a 3-2 to Torrealba that I threw. After that, Russ and I found a few more spots to use it.”


“I was talking to Alex after the game and he said, a bad cutter is a BP fastball, whereas a bad slider at least does something,” Hughes said.

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Phil Hughes (Finally) Adds The Slider

It wasn’t long ago that Derek Lowe called himself a tinker, but if this is a competition, Tinker of the Year goes to Phil Hughes. First he lost his cutter, then he added an 11-5 curveball, and then he dropped his arm slot. All these changes have amounted to...

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