Sabathia Goes Eight, Yankees Cruise In 6-2 Win Over Tigers

It wasn’t all good news tonight for the Yankees, however, as Nick Swisher felt a twinge in his hamstring in the bottom of the third inning, and, after some hemming and hawing, had to be removed in favor of Andruw Jones (who homered in the 8th, incidentally). At the time of writing, there hasn’t been any official word commenting on the severity of the injury, though apparently manager Joe Girardi believes that Swish will not need to go to the DL. Hopefully this isn’t more serious than it seems, though you never want to hear “get an MRI” and “tightness” together in the same sentence. For what it’s worth, the injury didn’t appear to be too bad–Michael Kay and company spent about a minute talking about how it’s better to take people out before minor injuries develop into major ones (thanks, guys)–and Swish seemed more than capable of walking around. We’ll keep you updated as more details become available.

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Game Thread: April 29, 2012, Tigers vs. Yankees (Rubber Match!)

The last two Yankee games have been as exciting as any this season. Friday the Yankees rallied back twice to win it in the 9th. Saturday the Yankees put up a late fight, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the hole that Freddy Garcia put them in. Both games were baseball...

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Freddy – What it is and what it isn’t

Using the data from Brooks Baseball, the following are Garcia’s pitches and velocity with 2011 listed first and 2012 listed second:

  • Four-seam fastball – 87.77 (2011), 87.48 (2012)
  • Two-seam fastball – 87.64, 87.30
  • Slider: 80.46, 80.89
  • Curve: 71.63, 72.19
  • Change: 80.89, 79.97
  • Splitter: 79.51, 81.00

Unless you want to consider the small hair he is off on his fastballs, Garcia isn’t throwing that much slower than a year ago. And according to the same Brooks Baseball data, his revolutions per minute (RPM) are up on most of his pitches over a year ago. That would seem to bury speculation that there is something wrong physically with Freddy Garcia (unless the Yankees come up with some mystery illness to put him on the DL).

Personally, the problem seems to be mechanical. Of all the data Brooks Baseball provides us, the only real change in anything I see is in Garcia’s vertical release point. Last year, his vertical release point was for his two fastballs and slider were, -1.27, -1.29 and -1.27.…

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No case for Freddy

Freddy’s struggles have been covered at length and at volume here, there, and everywhere else, so I’m not going to dedicate that much more space to making the case against him. After yesterday’s game, he’s gotten a total of four starts and has an ERA of 12.51. That’s not an example of one bad start driving up the average, as Freddy has been bad in each of his outings, or an unfortunate case of bad luck. Put simply, Garcia’s “stuff” has been awful, particularly his splitter, which he just cannot throw with any break consistently enough. He’s throwing the same flat, 80 MPH, meatball that he laid in for Andy Dirks in the first inning yesterday, batters are waiting for it, and they’re hitting it a mile when they get it.

What’s more, the Yankees have a replacement in their pocket already in David Phelps. I think there’s been a touch too much optimism as to what Phelps is capable of amongst those who have been calling for him to take Garcia’s spot in the rotation (or Phil Hughes‘, for that matter) but, that said, he’s at least a better pitcher than Garcia is right now, which certainly counts at the margins.…

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Breaking down Freddy’s horrific April

AP Photo

It’s no secret that Freddy Garcia has been awful thus far in 2012. He’s throwing batting practice, has lasted just 1.2 IP in each of his last two starts, and sports and 9.75 ERA on the year. His spot in the rotation is very...

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The Farm Report 4/28/2012: Pettitte demoted!

Empire State beat Lehigh Valley 8-4:

A night after scratching out a win on five hits, the wandering Yankees broke out at the plate for 11 hits and eight runs, powered by a sixth run third inning after Lehigh Valley opened the scoring in the top of the inning. Lehigh Valley scored three runs in the sixth to bring the game within reach at 6-4, but the Yankees tacked on a couple of insurance runs in the eighth before turning the game over to Kevin Whelan in a non-save situation. Whelan wouldn’t need them, however, as he pitched a scoreless inning with two strikeouts to one hit allowed to close out the win for the Yankees.

At the plate, Kevin Russo led the way for Empire State, going 2-4 with a walk, a double, and three RBI. Old buddy Francisco Cervelli went 3-5 with a double and an RBI, raising his season average to .213 in the process. Jayson Nix went 2-4 with a double and two RBI.…

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