Where For Art Thou, Robinson?

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

The lack of production from the middle of the Yankee lineup this season is a theme that probably deserves more time and space to discuss than it’s gotten so far.  There have been a few big games here and there, but...

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Reliever mentality – another viewpoint

I am a big believer in body language. Frankly, Hughes’ mound presence and body language have left much to be desired. We have heard often that Hughes is a California dude with not a whole lot of tenacity in his mindset. Word was that this past off season, he put more effort into his conditioning and that was encouraging. Young players have to invest in their own careers at some point and Hughes seemed to be doing that. But then the season started and much of that investment seemed to go the way of a 1929 stock portfolio.

Much was also made last season of Hughes’ loss of velocity. That was the problem we were all told. What used to be a fastball in the 92 to 94 MPH range died down to 89-90. But his velocity is back. And yet the results are not. You can blame the lack of secondary pitches to put batters away and keep them off balance, and sure, that has a lot to do with it.…

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PITCHf/x Scouting Report: Brian Matusz

Tonight, the Orioles send left handed pitcher Brian Matusz up against the Yankees’ Phil Hughes. There are plenty of similarities between the two pitchers, but what it boils down to are two highly touted pitching prospects, who are now 25 years old...

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Adventures in Left Field: Hiroki Kuroda and Eric Chavez Beat Baltimore 2-1

Eduardo Nunez really shouldn’t be the story of this game. Hiroki Kuroda, Mike Teixeira, Eric Chavez, and the Yankee bullpen all had great games, and Eduardo Nunez was just playing a new position. But really, what image are you going to remember about this game a few days from now? For me, its Eduardo Nunez...

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