What should MLBPA do about drug violators?

As a general rule, I like to just avoid these columns and ride out the storm, but when the specter of The Union gets invoked, my ears perk up because I assume I’m about to read something particularly unrealistic and amusing, and Buster Olney delivers that in this Insider piece on Melky’s suspension. Here’s the nut of the matter:

But if Cabrera had been truly regretful, then he wouldn’t have gone through the appeals process, which, for him, began sometime in the last 10 days of July. He was fully prepared to beat the system, to add tens of millions of dollars to his new contract, and when he was caught, well, that’s when he’d put his hands in the air and surrendered.

There is a parallel violation that could provide some guideline in how the union can (and should) ask for a strengthening of the drug-testing policy. If a player or staff member is caught betting on a baseball game in which he is not involved, a first offense would cost him a one-year ban.

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Musing On Melky Cabrera’s PED Troubles And A Reunion In Pinstripes

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, former Yankee Melky Cabrera has been suspended 50 games after testing positive for synthetic testosterone. The implications are disastrous for the  Giants, who are currently a game behind the Dodgers in the NL West race, and a half...

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The Farm Report: 8/15/2012

And lost the rain shortened second game 5-2:

Manny Delcarmen pitched the Yankees into a 5-0 hole after a three run homer by Andy LaRoche broke things open in the third inning, and the Yankees were only able to claw two of those runs back before the weather forced the game to end early. Both of the Yankees’ runs came on outs, as Mustelier hit a sacrifice fly in the fourth inning and Kosuke Fukodome scored when Darnell McDonald grounded into a double play in the fifth. Delcarmen only pitched 2.2 innings in the game, but allowed five runs on five hits and two walks with three strikeouts and a first inning throwing error that allowed Pawtucket’s first run to score. Juan Cedeno finished the game for the Yankees and recorded four outs without allowing a baserunner.

Trenton held on to beat Reading 6-5:

This one got a little hairy, as Reading made a spirited comeback attempt in the middle innings, but the Thunder were able to stave it off and shut them down at the end of the game to hold on for the win.…

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Game 117: Hold Back The Rain

Sorry this is late! I was a little too excited about Felix Hernandez‘s perfecto and still ruminating about Melky Cabrera‘s steroid suspension.

What a strange day for baseball.

Jeter 6
Swisher 3
Granderson 8
Teixeira 0
Chavez 5
Ibanez 7
Martin 2
Ichiro 9
Nix 4

Garcia P


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Hiroki Kuroda’s 2012 Season Turns Question Marks into Exclamation Points

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Hiroki Kuroda’s signing was an afterthought. Coming on the same day as the team’s blockbuster trade for Michael Pineda, the news of Kuroda’s acquisition was met with a relative shrug of the shoulders followed by a litany of questions...

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