At What Point Do You Cut Bait on Phil Hughes?

Andy Pettitte will probably make his major league debut something in the next two weeks. Unless something radically changes, he will take Freddy Garcia‘s spot in the rotation. Freddy, for his part, has been making this a pretty easy decision for the Yankees. Its made further easier because Garcia...

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Previewing Yankees Vs. Rangers: Who They Really Are

Oh, yeah, and they’re already 13-3, after an 8-1 road trip to Minnesota, Boston and Detroit. Yikes.

They look like a team without many real problems.

You know who else look like a pretty darn good team? The Yankees. Sure, there are things to worry about, holes to pick out: Brett Gardner is still out, CC is still in April mode (which makes sense, as it is April), people are FREAKING OUT about clutch hitting (except, you know, when they score 15 runs against the Red Sox), and, well, Michael Pineda. But ultimately, the team is playing well: they’re 9-3 since dropping three in Tampa, and are looking like the home run-powered offensive juggernaut we’ve come to expect. Robbie Cano will start to hit better soon (his .246 BABIP will stabilize), and he might be in for a career year if he keeps his K% down and BB% up (they’re almost 6 points lower and higher respectively than his career averages).…

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Derek Jeter’s hot bat has gotten a whole lot better

Possibly a lefty, but maybe a righty too.

Last week when Derek Jeter was batting .361/.395/.528 I hypothesized that his hot start wouldn’t last, that it was a mirage. My logic was simple. Jeter was crushing left handed pitching...

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Day five without Brett Gardner

Tonight poses fewer problems as the Rangers will feature a left-handed starter in Derek Holland. Andruw Jones will play left and he is still a decent outfielder at the corners. He looked a bit sluggish in Boston and you have to wonder how his knee is doing. But the decision to play him in left is at least a little less troublesome than the last two games of the series that will feature right-handed starters, Yu Darvish and Scott Feldman. It seems certain the Yankees will put Ibanez in left for those two games.

On the one hand, more lefty bats with pop and patience in the lineup against the thus-far wildness of Darvish is a good thing. But with a team that can hit like the Rangers, having a plodding, no-range outfielder plumbing the depths of the ballpark in Arlington could be a problem. It seems doubtful the Yankees would trust Eduardo Nunez to play out there and even less likely for him to do so against right-handed pitching.…

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Series Preview: Yankees vs. Rangers

The Rangers are coming off an 8-1 road trip against the terrible Twins, the rickety Red Sox, and the tenacious Tigers. The 2010 and 2011 American League champions have arguably been the best team in baseball thus far, and although its way too early to start looking at places, they currently have the best winning...

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The Farm Report 4/22/2012: More comebacks!

Empire State beat Norfolk 6-5:

It was Dellin Betances‘ turn to take the ball for the Triple-A Yankees, and for the third straight outing he disappointed. Lasting just 4.1 innings, he did allow just 3 hits while only 2 of his 5 runs allowed were of the earned variety, but he also walked 6 batters, so he wasn’t exactly helping himself out in that regard. He also committed one of the Yankees’ two errors in the game with a bad throw (Ramiro Pena accounted for the other error, his third of the season, also on a throw). Thanks largely to that bad start, the Yankees found themselves in a 5-2 hole entering the bottom of the 7th, and then spotted Norfolk two outs to open the frame. In the next four at bats, however, Jayson Nix doubled, Dewayne Wise brought him home with a double of his own, Steve Pearce walked, and Jack Cust drove in both of them with a third double to tie the game at five apiece.…

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