2012 All-Star Game!

4 Yankees were invited to the All-Star game, Cano, Jeter, Granderson, and Sabathia. With Sabathia on the DL, only three will play, all as starters. Enjoy The game.

National League

DH Carlos Gonzalez
CF Melky Cabrera
LF Ryan Braun
1B Joey Votto
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Prospect Profile: Ramon Flores

While Flores looked over matched in the GCL in 2009, he returned in 2010 looking like a different player.  He hit .329/.436/.481 in 43 games, earning a promotion to Charleston, along with GCL Post-Season All-Star honors.  In the GCL, Flores had a wRC+ of 171 and wOBA of .433.  He spent fourteen games with the RiverDogs, putting up some respectable numbers before spending eight games with the Tampa Yankees.

In 2011, it was back to Charleston for Flores who continued to improve his hitting consistency.  He looked to be adding a big of power and started to show off some surprising speed, swiping thirteen bags and getting caught only twice.  Flores has been a solid defender since the beginning, spreading 27 errors across four seasons and 333 professional games.

This season, Flores looks like he may be coming into his own.  After hitting an abysmal .207/.276/.230 in April, the youngster has his numbers up to .302/.367/.408 with five homers, nineteen doubles, a triple and 24 RBIs.…

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PITCHf/x Scouting Report: Matt Garza

If the Yankees are going to spend on a starting pitcher this trade season, Matt Garza is the front runner. Unlike Zack Greinke and Cole Hamels, Garza has an extra year of team control, as well as the only one of the three eligible for draft pick compensation...

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Wake me up when the All-Star game ends

Usually it’s an argument about who got snubbed, or who didn’t “deserve” to make the team, or someone upset about the fan voting deriding it as a “popularity”contest” (thanks for that Earth shattering observation). And while I suppose I’ve got a penchant for engaging in these conversations as they crop up, I’d like to think that I don’t get that outraged about these things anymore, because by and large I just find them to be silly. Yes, Derek Jeter was voted to start the All-Star game last year despite not being All-Star caliber on the field for a season and a half. On the other hand, he’s a no-doubt Hall of Famer and arguably the most recognizable face in the entire sport. The integrity of the All-Star game is not going to be threatened by the fact that fans would rather see Derek Jeter in the game than some other American League shortstop who’s having a strong first half of the season.…

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We Need New Terminology For Starting Pitcher Prospects

I love Kevin Goldstein’s Twitter feed. He’s conversational, blunt, and isn’t afraid to say what he feels. This caught my eye last Thursday:

I really, really hate the term “#1 starter.” I think its a useless thing to say,...

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