BREAKING: Yankees Sign Miller to a Four-Year Deal

So the Yankees are doing something this offseason. Isn’t that always the way? They sit still for a little bit, which annoys the fans because they take this stillness to mean that they’re being complacent and then BAM! Two deals in one day.

Last year, Miller played for the Red Sox and Orioles, posting a 2.02 ERA with a strong 103/17 K/BB in 62.1 IP. He’s also a lefty which is a nice luxury to have in a bullpen.

Now, I’m not sure what this deal means for David Robertson but maybe the Yankees will sign him as well and make their bullpen an extra special kind of scary.

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What they’re saying about the Gregorius trade

Gregorius vs COL

Courtesy of Getty Images

As expected, there’s a lot of discussion out there regarding the Yanks – Tigers – Diamondbacks second three-way (trade, you people) in the last few years. You know, the one that lands us a new shortstop. While this puts the team back in the market for pitching (a very deep end of the pool), it takes us out of “Stephen Drew (that wasn’t fun, was it?)/Asdrubal Cabrera (no, just no)/Brendan Ryan (living on an outdated reputation only, along with 1/4 the Yanks 40-man)/some other guy” trade market. I still think Everth Cabrera (PED, DUI, other unsavory things) was worth a cheap dip in the unpatrolled, non-tendered kiddie pool, but alas, the Yanks decided to go get one of the guys they apparently wanted for quite some time: Didi Gregorius.

While I, and others, will miss Shane Greene, I’m not heartbroken. We needed a legitimate shortstop more and there’s LOTS of pitching to go after, either high-priced or bargain-bin.…

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Yankees Acquire Didi Gregorius In A 3-Team Trade (UPDATED)

Well how about that?  We’ve been hearing a lot of rumblings about the Yankees working the trade market hard for a shortstop and now it sounds like something might be coming together.

No more details yet, but this is definitely worth watching.  Gregorius has been targeted by the Yankees before.  He’s 24 years old, generally considered a plus defensive shortstop, and has hit .243/.313/.366 (.300 wOBA, 84 wRC+) in 2 partial seasons for the Diamondbacks.

More on this story as it develops.

** UPDATE 9:24 AM- Per Ken Rosenthal, it’s a done deal.  Still waiting on all the players involved to come out. **

** UPDATE 9:42 AM- Alright so here’s what we know right now, courtesy of Sweeny, Rosenthal, and Jon Morosi: The 3 teams involved are the Yankees, Tigers, and Diamondbacks.  

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Will It Be Miller Time Today? (UPDATED)

That’s the tweet that got the hot stove day in Yankeeland started yesterday, and it sent the David Robertson-Andrew Miller story into overdrive.  It now appears, at least as far as what’s being reported, that the Yankees are the leaders of the 4-year race to get Miller and that D-Rob is no longer their top priority.  Of course as we all know, the Yankee front office smoke machine is usually on full blast this time of year, so this could all mean nothing.

Taking Sherman at his reporting word, I’m going to assume it doesn’t mean nothing.  Miller has been a hot commodity for a while, he’s become one of the best players left on the market with all the early signings, and he has offers on the table.  The question now becomes will Miller actually sign today?  …

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Yankees Not Valuing Their Own Free Agents

According to Jon Heyman, the Yankees may be willing to go to four years for free agent reliever Andrew Miller since it will surely take that to sign him. Meanwhile, they are still resistant to make that same commitment to their own free agent reliever David Robertson.

There are some legitimate reasons for this. Miller will cost less because he has less of a track record and the Yankees would gain a draft pick for losing Robertson to another team. However, should a few bucks and a pick really stop them from choosing a guy with a one-year track record over a guy who has been one of the best players on their team over the last six years?

Starting with Robinson Cano last year, this would be the second straight season in which the Yankees let a great homegrown player go, instead choosing outside guys to fill positions of need. These are the Yankees, they’re not supposed to be letting their best guys leave via free agency with their money.…

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Shopping the Non-Tender Market, or “How I was given an excuse to write about Juan Francisco”

In the wee hours between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the free agent pool was deepened by the walking non-tendered. These are players who, in short, were arbitration-eligible, yet unwanted by their current (now former) teams – unless, of course, you’re the Toronto Blue Jays merely saving a few shekels. The Yankees are no strangers to finding value among the non-tendered, having plucked Russell Martin from the crop a few winters ago to replace and/or depose Jorge Posada (who became the full-time DH that year). It is rare for a team to find such great value among these players, as precious few quality starters are released from team control early, yet that should not stop the Yankees – or any team, for that matter – from trying. And it will not stop me from speculating as to who could be the next big find for Cashman & Co.

At this point in the off-season, the Yankees clearly need a second baseman and/or third baseman, a shortstop, and depth at the corners on offense, and, to be blunt, anything they can get anywhere on the pitching staff (though the bullpen may receive an upgrade shortly, with Andrew Miller expected to sign shortly).…

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Quick Hit: Yanks Make All Of Yesterday’s Big Moves Official


There it is.  Esmil Rogers is officially BACK, baby!  And Campos, Heathcott, and Huff (attorneys at law) have been officially non-tendered.  The last man in the bullpen is in position and 3 shiny, new roster spots are ready to be filled.  Oh, and Chris Young has already been locked up as the new 4th outfielder/mid-season “DFA him because he’s so terrible” candidate.  Just call the Yankees Team Clorox, because they are straight cleaning up this offseason.  It isn’t even fair.

Can I pop the champagne yet?



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Imagining How The Infield Rotation Would Work Without Upgrades (Except For Shortstop)


Photos courtesy of Getty Images,, and NY Daily News

Despite having no starting shortstop, no definite starting second or third baseman, and a starting first baseman who’s physically devolving into a part-time player, the Yankees have made no significant moves to improve their Opening Day infield so far this offseason.  Most of what we’ve heard about with regards to their infield plans involves what they’re NOT doing.  They’re not pursuing Chase Headley as aggressively as they were and they’re apparently not willing to give him more than a 3-year deal.  They’re reportedly not interested in Asdrubal Cabrera or Jed Lowrie, and they weren’t interested in Pablo Sandoval or Hanley Ramirez before they signed.  They’re not making much progress on the shortstop trade market, and there has been virtually no talk connecting them to Stephen Drew.

We’ve become conditioned to expect that most of what makes its way into the Yankee rumor mill during hot stove season is not the complete truth.  …

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Non-Tender Deadline Wrap-Up: Yanks NT Huff, Heathcott, and Campos

After doing the unexpected and re-signing Esmil Rogers to a 1-year deal earlier last night, the Yankees kept that trend going with a pair of unexpected non-tender decisions.  As first reported by Joel Sherman, the team chose to non-tender Slade Heathcott and Jose Campos in addition to David Huff to open up a few more roster spots.  They now have 36 players on the 40-man.

While the decisions on Heathcott and Campos were unexpected, they’re both more than understandable.  Heathcott has been a walking injury problem since the day he signed, and this latest knee re-injury/surgery has him looking more destined to go down as a bust than an MLB contributor.  Campos, who was Rule 5 protected last offseason, missed all of 2014 after having TJS and has had a ton of arm problems since being included in the infamous Pineda-Montero trade.

The good news is that the decision to non-tender those 2 does not mean they are automatically goners.  …

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