Cano’s net deal with M’s worth $42M more than Yanks’ bid

First, let’s make it official:  We are thrilled, honored and proud to announce that Robinson Cano has been unanamously elected into the IIATMS Hall Of Fame. As if there were any doubts, not one voter polled thought that Cano’s decision was for any reason other than the money, which, by the way, we do not begrudge him. He had every right to grab every last nickel that was thrown at him, legacy and reputational damage be damned. For that, we wish Robbie well in the gorgeous Pacific North West (or so I keep hearing; never been there before. Can I make a rain joke? No? Oh well then.)

cano in seattleKidding aside, the Yanks have made a glorious history of luring players from other teams for ridiculous sums of money. Let’s not get all hysterical and completely and painfully ironic about complaining when one of ours does exactly the same thing. What, you thought Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury were taking less to don the ‘stripes?…

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Revisiting The Curtis Granderson Trade 4 Years Later

C-Grand Presser

Remember this?

The Mets finalized their 4-year/$60 million deal with Curtis Granderson yesterday, making his move across town official and ending a 4-year run in pinstripes that was interesting to say the least.  Granderson went from underperforming trade bust who had to be benched to rebuild his swing in his first season to one of the premiere power hitters in baseball from 2011-2012 to an unlucky injury case in a contract year this past season.  He finished his short Yankee career with a .245/.335/.495 slash line, 115 HR, 345 R scored, 307 RBI, 2 All Star Game selections, and 1 Silver Slugger award in ’11.  He also leaves with no rings, joining the Yankees the year after their last title and being a part of 4 teams that failed to return to the World Series.

Yesterday marked the actual 4-year anniversary of the 3-team trade that brought C-Grand to the Yankees.  It was a trade that brought up the always pertinent “playing for the present or the future” question with respect to the Yankees’ plans.  …

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Winter Meetings: Day 1 Recap


What a dull first day of the Winter Meetings. It’s almost as if someone already signed all the free agents. The good news is that there has been a ton of talk about trades. It looks like the pitching market won’t move much until the Rakuten Eagles decide what they’ll do with Masahiro Tanaka, but that hasn’t stopped a number of big name pitchers from hitting the trade circuit.

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Why Trading Gardner May Be Necessary

When the Yankee front office signed Jacoby Ellsbury, they dreamt about having two of the game’s fastest players in both the outfielder and in the lineup. Ellsbury figured to be more than just the leadoff man, he’s an insurance policy for a Brett Gardner injury, and he’ll be even more important when Gardner hits free agency next offseason. Having these two players together for 2014 could be incredibly fun to watch, and terribly grating on opposing catchers and pitchers. Yet just because we can dream about the days of back-to-back 40+ stolen bases, doesn’t mean it’s the best course of action.

The Yankees have made it abundantly clear that they are listening on offers for Gardner. As Brandon pointed out this morning, there are several reasons why the Yankees should hold on to the outfielder. While I agree with many of his points, there is one big issue this offseason that could be remedied by a Gardner trade. The free agent market has little-to-no infield depth.…

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On The Rash Decision To Shop Gardner

After the Yankees signed Jacoby Ellsbury to a seven year deal earlier this off-season, talks began to swirl about the outfield alignment. The Yankees deemed Ellsbury their centerfielder of the present and future, leaving Brett Gardner-the previously considered centerfielder of the present and future-without a definite role. The plan seemed obvious, though, as the Yankees could simply move Gardner to left field and play Alfonso Soriano in right field. Problem solved. However, Robinson Cano decided to spurn the Yankees and sign with the Seattle Mariners, and in response the Yankees signed Carlos Beltran to a three year deal.

With the signing of Beltran, many media members and fans have speculated that the right move for the Yankees would be to trade Brett Gardner, and play an outfield of Soriano-Ellsbury-Beltran. While in theory trading Gardner while his value is at its highest as a centerfielder, and while he is on the last year of his contract, is a good idea, there is much more to the story.…

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Quick hit: Joe Torre elected to the Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Joe Torre, who was elected into the Hall of Fame by the Veterans’ committee!

Torre was voted in unanimously along with fellow managers Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa. George Steinbrenner and former union head Marvin Miller were both on the ballot but not voted in.

When Torre went up the dais, he said, “It hits you like a sledgehammer.” He added, “I can’t tell you how excited I am, and then what makes it even better is to go in with these two guys.”

As everyone knows, Torre was manager of the Yankees during one of their most successful eras. He helped guide them to four World Series titles in five years and six pennants overall. He also had 100-win seasons in 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2004. He finished his managerial career with a record of 2,326-1,997 (.538 winning percentage) in 29 years.…

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The Winter Meetings Are Here, What Will The Yankees Do Next?

Winter Meetings

What the Yankees have done over the last 2 weeks would be an otherworldly haul to pull from the Winter Meetings.  By spending a shade over $300 million, they’ve added an elite starting catcher, an elite center fielder, a well above-average right fielder, a solid #2 starting pitcher, and an above-average utility player with pop.  They also lost their previous starting second baseman and former best player, but that was something they were apparently willing to live with and it most likely had a lot of influence on the rest of this early spending spree.

Here’s the thing.  This all happened before the Winter Meetings even started.  What the Yankees started by signing Brian McCann 2 Saturdays ago has picked up in a big way across the rest of MLB and we enter the meetings right smack in the middle of a flurry of trade and signing activity usually reserved for this week.  Once the unofficial “real” starting point of the offseason, this year’s Winter Meetings are nothing more than the continuation of a hectic 2 weeks of hot stove action with the Yankees once again leading the charge.  …

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Happy 45th Birthday, Mike Mussina!

I’d like to wish Mike Mussina a very happy 45th birthday. Moose, who is on his first Hall Of Fame ballot this year, was one of my favorite Yankees. Not only did I enjoy watching him throw his knuckle curve but I always looked forward to his postgame interviews. He was dry, hilarious and just the best.

Here is one of my favorite Moose moments of all-time. It was May 31, 2006 and he was 26 outs into a complete game when Joe Torre began to climb the dugout stairs in Detroit. Moose was struggling to get the last out but as soon as he saw Torre making his move, he yelled out, “NO! STAY THERE!” Torre retreated with his hands up, then pitching coach Ron Guidry and the rest of the coaches laughed and then Moose closed out the game with a strikeout, securing the win and the complete game.

And here’s an example of how awesome he was in his postgame interviews:

Happy Birthday, Moose!…

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Some Sunday news and notes: Seattle is a mess, Yanks checked in on Pelfrey and more

Good afternoon, IIATMS readers!

This has been an interesting few days in Yankeeland, hasn’t it? From Robinson Cano bolting to the Seattle Mariners to the Yankees signing Carlos Beltran and making the deal with Jacoby Ellsbury official it has been busy in the Bronx but as with every baseball hot...

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