Having real office job is a great way to make a living, but sometimes you don’t make the money you need to make ends meet. Maybe you just want to make some money on the side but don’t really know if making money online can be realistic or not.

Let’s face it. There are a lot of scams out there that promise you that you’ll make hundreds or even thousands every week, but they are what they are, and those are scams to make money off of you. That’s enough for you never to trust anyone else when it comes to making money, so you get hopeless.

Thanks to the Internet, there really are ways for you to make money online. Now, you can make money online just to make a little extra for yourself so you an have a little extra breathing room in your budget, or, you can make as much online as you do in your regular job. Let’s begin talking about making money, shall we?

Becoming a Freelancer:
So what’s that? If you are good at writing, you could be a writing freelancer for customers. There are websites out there that pay decent money for writers who can write for a variety of topics.

A teaching degree is preferable, and the application process can be tough. But, you can teach English to students wanting to learn it from other countries. You can do all this right from your computer, and teaching times are flexible. Your rate can be from the low teens to low twenties per hour, but all of those hours adds up to a good cash pile.

Taking surveys online:

Taking surveys online is a popular way for people to make some money. Now, this method of making money online is not a way for people to become wealthy, but, you can make a few dollars. And, with those dollars being saved in a short time you’ll have a wad of cash you can be proud of. Opinion Outpost and National Consumer Panel are just two reputable places where you can earn a little extra money.

Investing with a robo-advisor:

If you have the skills for investing, you may want to consider investing with what’s called a robo-advisor. You don’t have a flesh-and-blood advisor who will point you in the direction they think your investments should take, you are in control. Better yet, you don’t have to have a lot of money to get started. You can invest at your pace. These sites are managed by a computer algorithim. You can feel comfortable investing here. One site like this that can help you grow your money with little effort is Acorns. It basically invests change and dollar amounts into preselected stocks, bonds, and more.

Become a virtual assistant:
This is one for those who have good communication skills. Those that are shy or are afraid to communicate need not take a chance at this one. A nice thing about being a virtual assistant is that you can either work full or part-time, and the money is good. Somewhere in the sixteen dollar range. What you really need to become a virtual assistant is a laptop computer, a flexible schedule that would allow you to work, and a headset. If you don’t have a headset or can’t afford one you can always use your cell phone.

Sell items online:
This goes back to the ebay days, but, you can sell belongings of yours. Everyone has items that just stay stored all day and we don’t know what to do with them or even remember we have them. But, placing items on ebay or one of the newer online selling platforms is sure to get you a little money. Many people buy and sell items on ebay for profit every day. There is a limit to what you can sell without buying a subscription, but if you know you’ll sell more than that limit you’ll have to get one. You can even get on Craigslist and sell items that way. You’ll be surprised at what people will want to buy.

Lending clubs:
Lending clubs are popular because there are people out there that want to borrow money, but don’t want to go to a traditional lender. Sites like Lending Club will allow you, with little investment, lend money to an individual who needs to borrow it. You can choose the client you want to lend money to as well as check out how risky they are. It is a good way to get decent money back on your return. You invest the money to the client and Lending Club does the rest.

There are many ways to supplement your income. True, there are scams out there online so you must be careful. But, you can do it.